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Lighting represents 19 percent of global electricity. According to McKinsey & Company nearly $25 billion (conservatively) is expected to go LED by 2020. Palatable consumer bulb prices, and increasing awareness among commercial customers, is expected to be the juice the industry needs to rocket up the inflection point S-curve. Unlike the sheer luck of investing in Apple when it was $16 a share, the writing is on the wall for LED market expansion. That is, if you are willing to look.

It’s easy to look back on digital film, the Internet or mobile phones to see when the perfect conditions of cost, demand and technology converged to make the switch from analog to digital a obvious. Looking at the landscape today, energy-efficient lighting, namely LEDs, is the next major market to reap the benefits of going digital. In this panel discussion our speakers will cover the booming LED market, new technologies to look out for and the future of the industry. It’s an event you will want to be a part of!


  • Sandy Correa, Hewlett-Packard
  • Lindsay Wood, The LED Lady, Sales Manager, NewLighted
  • Rob Leonard, Technical Sales Director, NEXT Lighting
  • John Vogler, Director, Strategic Accounts, enlighted
  • Moderator: Lisa Ann Pinkerton, Founder Women in Cleantech & Sustainability,
  • President Technica Communications

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