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Board Spotlight: Robin Milshtein

Describe your career journey.

My education and background is in engineering but my career has been varied with roles in R&D, sales, marketing, corporate venture capital, and currently business development as the Director of Business Development at New Sun Road. I joined New Sun Road in November 2022 after connecting with Adrienne Pierce, the CEO of New Sun Road, through the WCS network. 


Why did you get involved with WCS?

The through line in my career has been my passion for engaging women in STEM careers and tough tech companies. I got involved with WCS to volunteer my time supporting an organization that aligns with my personal mission and values. I’m extremely concerned about climate change, and I believe that WCS can play a critical role in connecting both individuals and companies in pursuit of our shared goals. 


Do you think you would have found the New Sun Road opportunity without WCS?

No, definitely not! I wasn’t familiar with New Sun Road. I found out about the opportunity through the WCS network. Adrienne has been an active WCS member, including speaking at WCS Talks and serving as a WCS mentor, and she also got connected to New Sun Road via WCS. It’s great that both of us are proof points of how WCS helps advance women’s careers in climate tech companies. 


What should members and/or volunteers do to get the most out of their involvement with WCS?

My recommendation would be to put together a short list of your goals for engagement with WCS, whether it’s on a personal level or to support your employer. There are so many ways to engage, whether it’s through events, programs, volunteering, etc. so having your goals clearly in mind will help you pick the right areas of focus. And as your goals change, there will be plenty of other ways WCS can help you achieve what you want to tackle next! 


What advice would you give women seeking to enter cleantech and sustainability jobs?

Build your network and find mentors. Seek ways to build personal connections at the companies you are targeting, so that when the right role is posted you can leverage your contacts for a referral. 

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