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3 things you should know about Green & Blue conservation efforts in the Caribbean

Written by Kirpa Grewal

WCS is proud to be a community partner for the Dive & Conservation Festival in Grenada, West Indies May 29 – June 5. Our Board and Executive Committee Member, Kirpa Grewal, is the Event Organizer for DCF this year in partnership with Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA), and Aquanauts Grenada. This week-long festival focuses on terrestrial and aquatic conservation efforts in the global south, specifically the Caribbean (Grenada).

Green and Blue conservation efforts in the Caribbean are critical for preserving the region’s fragile ecosystem. Dive and Conservation Festival is held to raise awareness of the importance of protecting this vital region from the ravages of climate change. Here are three things you should know if you want to learn more about these initiatives:

Coral reef health is an important component of conservation efforts in the Caribbean. Healthy coral reefs provide habitats for various marine species while also protecting shorelines from storms and erosion. In recent years, massive bleaching events have killed large swathes of coral reefs across the world, making it all the more imperative that Grenadians take action on conservation initiatives. Join DCF on Wednesday, May 31 for Diving at Coral Restoration Projects in partnership with Grenada Coral Reef Foundation.

Participating in organized beach cleanups is a great way to make a tangible contribution towards conservation efforts. Plastic debris poses a huge threat to both marine life and coastal communities, with millions of tons entering our oceans every year. Attending local beach clean-ups helps keep plastics out of our waterways while creating an opportunity for social engagement with fellow members of the community. Join DCF on Thursday, June 1st for our Beach Bash where we will kickstart with a beach cleanup, followed by a community upcycling project, conservation conversation with Ocean Spirits and fun in the sun. 

Sustainable fishing practices are essential for preserving fish stocks in Grenada’s waters. Take part in educational programs such as “Catch and Release” which gives attendees an opportunity to learn sustainable fishing methods while helping reduce fish population levels at unsustainable rates. This type of learning experience allows people to understand their impact on marine resources while actively preserving them for future generations. 

Green & Blue conservation efforts are critical for protecting Grenada’s environment from human action – harm caused by plastic pollution and overfishing. Organized clean-ups and conservation conversations can help individuals directly contribute towards preserving our planet’s resources while gaining valuable knowledge about environmental stewardship. The Dive & Conservation Festival provides an excellent platform for engaging with like-minded members of our community who share these same values – so don’t miss out!

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