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WCS Member of the Month is our new initiative to highlight the amazing stories of female leaders in the industry. One woman from WCS will be featured every month to share her accomplishments, ambitions, and advice for other women in the sector.

For June, we are proud to spotlight WCS Member (and volunteer!) Melanie Lucas-Conwell who works at Google as Global Product Lead.

WCS: What attracted you to volunteer for Women in Cleantech & Sustainability?
Melanie: I got interested in the group at the 2016 WCS Talks. Board members went up on stage and explained the different committees, what the different activities needing help were. I love helping other people grow and I learn best from other people, so the Career Development committee seemed like the best way to give back to the group while improving my skills. In parallel, everyone I have met that is involved with WCS was incredibly inspiring, so it was a natural fit.

WCS: What have you learned from being involved in Women in Cleantech & Sustainability?
Melanie: The Cleantech and Sustainability world is a combination of smarts and passion. People who work in this field have more heart than anywhere else, and it isn’t a tradeoff for sound business decisions. Everyone involved in WCS has something to teach and is very generous with their knowledge, whether it’s about dumpster diving or how to raise funds for their own company. I’ve learned from ladies who are in as well as from those who aspire to be in the Cleantech industry. Everyone has a story to share and lessons to learn from. You get want you put in. The more time you spend with WCS, the more you learn from these brilliant ladies and the more you grow.

WCS: How did you get to where you are in your career?
Melanie: I haven’t hesitated in asking for help or sharing my dreams. This has led me to compile many people’s views on how to overcome challenges and get to where I want to be. I surround myself with the people I want to be with, for their knowledge and for who they are. Life is short, and there is no point in wasting time on activities or people that aren’t important to me.

WCS: What advice to have you for other women in WCS?
Know what your trying to achieve. Ask questions and help. Listen to what people have to say. Help others in achieving their goals.

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