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Describe your career journey and aspirations.

My cleantech career started with an internship at a non-profit called Climate Solutions where I realized that the analysis skills I was developing in my college math major were directly applicable and needed in the fight against climate change. In order to incentivize governments, companies, and individuals to choose clean energy sources, we need to build business cases that prove they are the best economic decisions, not just the most sustainable.

When I graduated from college, I joined Metrus Energy, an energy efficiency finance startup, as the fifth employee and first female hire. For 3.5 years I was a core member of a team building a financial product that brings monetary savings to customers while reducing their CO2 emissions.

I left Metrus to learn utility-scale solar, wind, and storage project finance at Leeward Renewable Energy. Working at this established developer exposed me to exciting energy-generation financial models and the construction financing that makes these projects a reality.

In Fall 2022, I moved from San Francisco to Copenhagen, Denmark, and joined Ørsted, the world’s leading offshore wind developer. I wanted to see for myself what it looks like for a country to prioritize climate change mitigation and cleantech innovation.

Through all of these experiences, it has been clear that urgency, passion, and entrepreneurship (even within large companies) drives change. I aspire to keep developing business solutions that incentivize a global transition to a green economy as we are working on a very tight timeline.


Why did you get involved with WCS?

I joined WCS as a corporate member through Metrus Energy in 2018. At first, I just attended ad hoc events and was not that engaged. However, my relationship with WCS changed once I participated in the mentorship program. I was paired with an incredibly inspiring woman who advised me through negotiation and self-advocacy tactics for a promotion. I am still in contact with her today.

I wanted get more involved, so I joined the Events Committee as a volunteer. This position led to an opportunity to co-chair the committee as a member of the Board of Directors. I co-led the committee through the turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic which taught me leadership skills in an ever-changing environment.

Now that I have moved to Denmark, I am leaving the Events Committee to launch WCS’ presence in Europe. We will build out virtual and in-person programming and membership benefits, starting with a delegation tour in November 2022 to Delft, Paris, and Brussels. I am excited to see how WCS can support the women working in this field in Europe and also expect we will gain many insights that will improve WCS’ impact in the US.


How has WCS impacted your career development?

When I joined WCS, I was a wide-eyed college graduate entering the cleantech finance field, a space dominated by men. This organization has built my confidence and reinforced that I not only belong at these companies, but that my presence as a woman is key for the industry to achieve its goal of eliminating fossil fuels.

Alongside the emotional impact, WCS has directly led to job opportunities. I learned about the role at Leeward from another board member who ultimately was my manager! I have also received requests on LinkedIn to be a speaker on panels and podcasts due to being a WCS board member. Lastly, my work with WCS is an additional experience on my resume that showcases another side of me than the financial analysis that I do for my day job.

Most importantly, I have developed friendships at WCS that will last throughout my career. I respect these women immensely and value the opportunity to watch how they navigate their careers and apply the same strategies to my own.

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