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Unconscious Bias in Fundraising: Retraining and Reframing the Pitch Competition

October 24th – 12pm CEST

Unconscious bias in fundraising: retraining and reframing the pitch competition | Oct 24th | 12:00 pm CEST

Mark your calendars for an executive talk from a coach highlighting how to spot unconscious bias when fundraising and turn them to your advantage!

Women founders often struggle to raise money in comparison to male founders. In 2021, 14% of solo startup founders were women while receiving under 2% of the venture capital deployed.

This is due to unconscious bias on investors side, which lead to perceive risk management differently based on the sex of the founder, and to phrase due diligence questions differently. This panel will teach you how to detect biased questions and frame them to your advantage.

We are delighted to host Patricia Martinez Montesinos, founder and president of the think tank FE+MALE, who will walk us on the intricate path of unconscious bias. This talk will be moderated by Giorgia Scetta.