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Sustainable Agriculture Innovations:

Fireside Chat with Faazla Iqbal

December 14th 2023 | 4pm PST | Virtual

Faazla’s Inspiring Journey: Pioneering Sustainable Agriculture as a Woman Engineer in Pakistan

Join us for an empowering Fireside Chat on Sustainable Agriculture Innovations. We are thrilled to have Faazla Iqbal share her journey with us. Faazla is Technical Manager at AMB Labs and recently released her first book, “Solar Powered Auto-Irrigation System: A Guide for Agriculture”. As a woman in engineering, Faazla is proud to contribute to the engineering perspective of sustainability. In the face of climate change and water scarcity, her book offers a tested and implemented solar-powered irrigation system for agriculture. The conversation will be moderated by Lael Giebel, Director of Global Sustainability at KnowBe4.

In a male-populated field, Faazla stands as a shining example of female empowerment and innovation in agriculture. As a woman engineer in Pakistan, she is breaking barriers and making a lasting impact on sustainable farming practices, fostering a more sustainable future for her community and beyond.

Women in Cleantech & Sustainability is proud to celebrate Faazla’s achievements, recognizing her as a trailblazer who is creating equal opportunities and driving positive environmental impact in Pakistan and beyond. Join us in honoring Faazla’s remarkable journey and learn how you too can contribute to building a more sustainable world.



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Faazla Iqbal

Faazla, an Electrical Engineer with a flair for automation, PLC, and IoT innovations, is currently excelling as the Technical Manager at AMB Labs Australia. A distinguished graduate from Pakistan’s prestigious PIEAS i.e. renowned as one of the top engineering institutes in the country, Faazla has a proven track record in optimizing equipment performance, particularly in the field of sustainable agriculture. Her groundbreaking work and book on “solar-powered auto irrigation system” showcase her commitment to innovation and clean energy solutions.Previously, as an Engineering Associate at Nestlé, Faazla led significant advancements in digital monitoring of solar panels and fire alarm systems, integrating industry 4.0 technologies for enhanced efficiency. Her expertise in automated systems and solar power has been pivotal in driving operational excellence.In her current role, Faazla champions ISO standard implementation. Recognized for her contributions to sustainable development goals, Faazla is a beacon of inspiration in the clean energy sector, continually pushing the boundaries of technology and sustainability.




Lael has 14 years of sustainability experience, and is currently the Director of Global Sustainability at KnowBe4, where she manages the organization’s global sustainability program across 11 countries. Inspired by her lifelong passion for environmental conservation, she became a LEED AP in 2009, and received her MBA in Sustainability in 2011. As a certified TRUE Advisor, Lael is trained in zero waste management to help organizations meet waste goals and cut their carbon footprint. She is also an Envision Sustainability Professional, Green Globes Professional, and Certified Climate Change Ambassador. She is interested in holistic approaches to sustainability that integrate environmentally friendly practices into all facets of life and livelihoods. She is also author of the award-winning book, Sustainability is for Everyone: Beginning Steps to Creating a Sustainability Program for Your Business.

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