WCS Talks Virtual Event Series Part 3

Mar. 13, 2021

WCS Talks is a series of virtual TED-style events featuring the brightest minds and most inspiring stories of the clean economy transition. In part 3 of our 4-part series, we hear from speakers that will highlight fascinating topics in the sustainability space. These include the areas of water autonomy and solar development, local government sustainability, marine plastic pollution, as well as discussions on how we measure beauty, and lead in male-dominated industries. Join us at WCS Talks Part 3 to hear from speakers with unique perspectives that promise to be thought-provoking!



Alexandra Rasch, Caban Systems, “How do we lead effectively in male dominated industries and male driven cultures?”

Rita Kampalath, LA County Chief Sustainability Office, “OurCounty – Outlining a bold inclusive vision for Los Angeles County”

Kenetia Lee, The Beauty Activist, “Presence will be the future score card of how we measure beauty.”

Brittany Kendrick, Hydronomy.,“Water Autonomy is achieved by decentralize means”

Lien Dinh, First Solar Development, “Looking Beyond Location: Other Considerations and Challenges For Utility Scale Solar Development”

Linda Sobczynski, Senior Associate, “Marine Plastic Pollution: How Global Extended Producer Responsibility Can Help”


Linda Sobczynski
Farella Braun + Martel
Senior Associate

Linda Sobczynski is a senior associate at Farella Braun + Martel in San Francisco, California. Her law practice spans a diverse range of permitting, compliance, enforcement, and litigation matters arising under state and federal environmental laws, including the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act. She has extensive experience counseling renewable energy industry clients on environmental review under CEQA and NEPA, participating in land use-related administrative proceedings and appeals, and litigating in state and federal court. 

Linda was a 2019 Clean Energy Leadership Institute Fellow and in 2020 she joined the Environmental Law Institute’s Emerging Leaders Initiative. In collaboration with Emerging Leaders, Linda co-authored an article on marine plastic pollution, which is the subject of her WCS Talk.

Talk Topic: Marine Plastic Pollution: How Global Extended Producer Responsibility Can Help

Alexandra Rasch
Caban Systems
Founder & CEO

As an engineer, entrepreneur, environmentalist, and Chief Executive Officer of Caban Systems, Alexandra Rasch has brought a wealth of leadership and experience in scaling energy infrastructure solutions designed to transform energy systems and increase access to affordable clean power. Caban Systems is a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of software-enabled energy storage systems for the telecommunications industry.  Under Alexandra’s leadership, the company has quickly established itself as the leading innovator in energy solutions within the telecommunications industry. Caban is ushering in a clean era for carriers, ESCO’s and tower operators in Latin America, the Middle East and the U.S. by providing access to affordable reliable and renewably sourced power.

Before founding Caban Systems in 2018, she was instrumental in the success of Proterra, Inc., an OEM of all-electric high voltage batteries and zero-emission heavy-duty vehicle manufacturer. During her tenure, Alexandra led a new product development team that transformed the transit bus industry. Her strategic counsel and keen market insight led the company to record breaking fame and enabled more than 625 vehicles sold to 70 different municipal, university, airport, federal and commercial transit agencies in 32 U.S. states and Canadian provinces.

A native to Guatemala, Alexandra witnessed first-hand how Guatemala’s beautiful landscapes had been dominated by the fumes from diesel-powered engines. Like other developing nations, the country’s economic activity increases every year and the demand for energy and reliably connectivity become part of the essential infrastructure. This fueled her passion for environmental engineering, and a lifelong pursuit to transform energy systems by improving energy production in remote and developing regions.

Alexandra is a clean energy evangelist. Her proven track record for transforming energy solutions and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, demonstrates her commitment and dedication to a clean energy world. She holds a B.S. degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Rice University and received a Master of Science in Engineering, from University of California Berkeley.

Talk Topic: How do we lead effectively in male dominated industries and male driven cultures?

Rita Kampalath
LA County Chief Sustainability Office
Sustainability Program Director

Rita joined Los Angeles County’s Chief Sustainability Office in June 2017. As a Sustainability Program Director, she supports development and implementation of the County’s first sustainability plan, as well as sustainability-related policies. Prior to joining the County, Rita was the Science and Policy Director of the non-profit Heal the Bay. Rita also worked for Geosyntec Consultants on a range of water quality projects, primarily focusing on stormwater. Rita received a B.S. in chemical engineering from Columbia University, and an M.S. in chemical engineering and a Ph.D. in civil/environmental engineering from UCLA.

Talk Topic: OurCounty – Outlining a bold inclusive vision for Los Angeles County

Kenetia Lee
The Beauty Activist

Kenetia Lee, Founder and CEO of PopUP CleanUP, a commercial cleaning company committed to the health and safety of people, places and our planet. Previous to Covid-19
PopUP CleanUP offered the best-in-cleaning crews to maintain the hottest events, festivals, races, and concerts coast to coast. Servicing many properties from the NBA All-Star Games, ComplexCon, Los Angeles Marathon and BlastPro Series to name a few.

Like the rest of the world, Kenetia is repositioning herself and business to meet the demands of the ever changing new normal. She is currently a student at USC in the Minority Women’s Leadership and Entrepreneurship Program crafting a strategic pivot to scale her service based business using technology.

Talk Topic: Presence will be the future score card of how we measure beauty.

Brittany Kendrick

Hailing from the southside of Chicago, Brittany Kendrick is an intellectual womanist, experienced Civil Design Engineer with a demonstrated history in designing military and civil works projects for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. She was essential member to the COVID19 Temporary Hospital Mission sponsored by FEMA. In 2019, she was nominated and awarded a Certificate of Achievement as “Modern-Day Tech Leader” at the Black Engineer of the Year Award.

Skilled in traditional Civil Engineering standards and practices enhanced with the use of data analytics for decision making processes. Proficiency in Water Quality, Flood Risk Management, Design, Leadership, Data Analytics, Regulatory, Pollution Prevention, Resource Recovery, and Water Resource Management enables the procurement of sustainable engineered solutions. Brittany is also Co-Founder to a start-up called Hydronomy.

Hydronomy is a solar powered, decentralized atmospheric water generator that addresses both water scarcity and security. Graduate of Saint Louis University and New York University, Brittany’s +7 years of specialized experience in water and environmental resources has made her a subject matter expert related to water infrastructure, public utility financing, predictive data analysis, water quality testing and project engineering. She has developed water production devices and spring water distribution systems for a remote village in Bolivia and Peru. Brittany is a recognized recipient of Forbes Women Summit, Forbes 30 under 30, The National Academy of Engineer’s Grand Challenge Scholars and National Science Foundation I-Corp. She has a relentless pursuit in catalyzing social integrity with revolutionary problem solving.

Talk Topic: Water Autonomy is achieved by decentralize means

Lien Dinh
First Solar Development
Senior Real Estate Manager

Lien Dinh currently works for First Solar Development and manages First Solar’s real estate portfolio throughout the Western United States.   Her team is responsible for the identification and acquisition of real estate, securing land rights and conducting comprehensive due diligence for the development of utility scale solar energy projects.  Lien spent the first 7 years of her career as Associate Counsel to a wind energy development company, focusing on real estate transactions and project finance.  Having learned that a solid real estate foundation is essential to a successful large-scale renewable energy project, Lien has spent the last 8 years navigating the myriad of real estate issues in solar development.  In her role, Lien has the opportunity to travel the most rural parts of the United States and discuss solar energy opportunities and benefits with landowners, county, state and federal governmental agencies.

Talk Topic: The Role of Real Estate in Utility Scale Solar (Renewable) Development