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Zero Waste Specialist I | Waste Busters | Richmond + SF and CA

Classification: Part-Time or Full-Time, non-exempt 

Compensation: $22.50/hr -$30/hr 

Health Benefits: None for Part-Time, Full-Time employees have access to employer sponsored  health plans including dental and chiropractic options  

Other Benefits: EAP, 401k with matching after 1 year 

Salaried/Hourly: Hourly 

Hours: 20-30 hours / week, year-round 

Schedule: Mostly 5-6 days in a row, Variable, (Exact time vary) 

Location: Richmond office at 1301 S. 46th St. B154 Richmond, CA 94804 As well as various locations throughout SF and CA. Frequently in San Francisco at client  properties. 

Licenses/Certificates: none 

Reports to: Waste Busters, Inc. Zero Waste Program Manager  


Program Description 

Waste Busters is a professional recycling services provider, in business since 2008, working to  support moving the needle towards the goal of Zero Waste. Our team is composted of  passionate environmentalists willing to get their hands dirty to make a difference. Our services  help protect the climate, land and water while helping our clients improve their environmental  performance as we help San Francisco get closer to its Zero Waste Goal.  

Our company provides expertise and resources to a variety of clients, public and private, in  support of the goal of Zero Waste. Our Zero Waste programs include Zero Waste Facilitation  (ZWF) and waste characterization activities, outreach education and waste steam auditing. 

The Waste Busters Zero Waste Facilitation Program supports permanent business locations  and properties that generate high volumes of waste by ensuring users are properly informed  and that materials are properly sorted and managed. Our team provides professional waste  

sorting services. In addition to sorting materials for maximum recycling and compost diversion,  our team members document ongoing issues, program data and/or photos and communicate  with customers and the public.  

Job Summary 

The Zero Waste Specialist I performs the work of field-level operations for Waste Buster’s Zero  Waste Facilitation and Waste Characterization Programs. The Zero Waste Specialist will assist  clients including public agencies, other consultants, property management companies and  waste haulers in implementing our programs at various waste-generating or processing sites.  

The Zero Waste Specialist works field shifts as scheduled at Zero Waste Facilitation Program  client sites, ensuring that materials are being properly sorted, documenting observations in our  database, performing all work professionally and effectively. The Zero Waste Specialist acts as  the point of contact between Waste Busters and many stakeholders, such as clients and  building tenant’s staff, regular users of waste management areas.

The Zero Waste Specialist I will have job duties pertaining to the Zero Waste Facilitation  Program, as well as occasional special project duties. The ideal candidate will be confident in  their ability to:  

  • Document issues found including data entry on a mobile device Sorting and investigation of  waste  
  • Communicate and provide education to users  
  • Providing an excellent experience to our customers  
  • Solve problems creatively and resourcefully  

The Zero Waste Specialist will be responsible for maintaining contamination-free waste  disposal stations and educating users on proper sorting practices according to our Standard  Operating Procedures for each site and or situation.  

Essential Duties and Responsibilities 

Including but not limited to: 

Zero Waste Facilitation Program Implementation (constant – more than 50% of time):  Removing materials from dumpsters; opening and sorting bags of discards into appropriate  waste streams; communicating proper sorting practices to restaurant and store employees;  dumping bins and bags into dumpsters; Performing periodic waste assessments; Occasionally  entering dumpsters as needed; Use of smartphone to enter photos and data into an app based  database. 

Education and Outreach (frequent – around 25% of time): Attend and review workshops and  training materials from Waste Busters to master knowledge of recycling and composting  systems, administer and develop educational presentations for clients and their tenants;  Enforce safety rules and regulations; learn best practices; participate in safety trainings and  other training; administer trainings developed with Waste Busters; act as a courteous  professional and demonstrate appropriate work ethics, behavior, and skills, both internally and  externally.  

Quality Control (constant – more than 66% of time): Ensuring the sorted material is uniform and  free from cross-contamination, accurate hand sorting of waste materials, periodic visual  checks ensuring appropriate destination of materials is part of the job. Being highly observant  is crucial in maintaining accurate data collection as well as maintaining the safety of you and  your team. Proactively prioritizing safety and alerting supervisor/management of observed  unsafe situations or practices is essential.  

Waste Characterization and Waste Auditing (occasional – around 15% of time):  Workers on this team will be responsible for the efficient and accurate hand sorting of MSW  and other waste streams at designated waste transfer stations or landfill locations across  Northern California and nation-wide for special projects. This may include: travel and arriving to  hotels the night before work days, being ready on-time, meeting the crew, carpooling to and  clocking in onsite, on time and ready to work. The Zero Waste Program Manager or WC lead  will direct work and is responsible for your orientation, timing of breaks, lunch, end time each  day and the general workflow each day. 

Typical Working Conditions: Generally the environment is that of a loading dock for ZWF work  or landfills/waste transfer stations for WC work, on concrete, often mostly or partially indoors,  or at least under shade in certain situations. The some environments can be noisy, dusty and possibly odorous. Always, but especially when heavy equipment is present, situational  awareness is paramount. Typical working conditions include but are not limited to strenuous and frequent lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling; frequent twisting, turning, and reaching;  occasionally working long hours/weeks to accomplish WC targets. ZWF shifts tend to be  shorter and less strenuous.  

Office work and other administrative duties will be done at the Waste Busters Richmond Office,  1301 S 46th St B154, Richmond, CA. 

Equipment Used 

This position requires use of safety equipment including gloves, safety vests, and closed toed  safety shoes. The program often employs rolling carts that can weigh upwards of 200 pounds  when full.  

This position requires a smartphone in good working order, preferably Apple iPhone but we are  platform agnostic. See below  

This position requires access to a computer and a method of reliable transportation. 

Minimum Education, Experience, and Skills Required:  

High school diploma or GED.  

Strong English comprehension, speaking and reading.  

Basic knowledge of Zero Waste, recycling, and/or resource conservation.  Demonstrated interest in waste management, recycling, conservation, or other environmental  sustainability related field.  

Demonstrated ability to give direction regarding safety and to implement safety procedures.  

Being a pleasure to work with and giving people good experiences makes our service stand  out and builds customer satisfaction, compliance with waste diversion programs and positive  outcomes to our initiatives.  

Flexibility to travel on and work some weekends or special project schedules and to  accommodate a fixed regular schedule.  

Ability to lift 50 lbs. 

Desire to divert material from landfill and solve sometimes difficult waste management  solutions with the objective of reducing waste and properly managing generated waste. 

Basic computer/software use and devices: An online website portal and mobile phone app is  our primary mode of communicating job assignments, clocking in and out, requesting shifts,  and other work related tasks and documents. A smartphone is essential, as clocking in and out  are done on the app (Android or iOS). We also require the use of other apps and a camera  (12+mp) for most shifts.

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