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Mastering Stakeholder Conversations for Optimal Climate Commitment

Professional Development Workshop

November 10 | 9am – 11am PST | VIRTUAL






Whether you’re a corporate leader, communication professional, or environmentalist, this event is for you. Join us to make a difference and amplify the message of climate commitment.

At this event, you will gain a better understanding of the psychological and socio-cultural factors influencing climate change perceptions and beliefs. You will also learn techniques to handle difficult conversations, especially with climate deniers, without causing alienation or defensiveness. In addition, you will learn best practices for structuring and delivering a persuasive narrative on climate change.

Let’s unite, learn, and make every conversation count. Your voice can be a catalyst for change. Embrace the tools and knowledge you need to make a real impact.


Non-Member Early Bird Prices through October 27th

  • Non-member $40
  • Student non-member $15

Standard Prices after October 27th

  • Member $35
  • Student Member $10
  • Non-member $50
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Pam is the CEO and founder of Green Training Associates LLC, a full-service talent development firm. With over 35 years of corporate training experience, she transforms learning experiences into business impact. Pam is an expert in leadership, workforce and business strategy, team management, communication, personal strength, sales skills, and sustainability programs. She has had a successful 24-year corporate career with global companies such as Citi-Group, American Express, Lucent Technologies Bell Lab Innovations, and Medco Health Solutions. Pam is currently a Career Development Board Officer for WCS and also sits on the Women in Green Council of the USGBC MANE Region. Additionally, she serves as the VP of Leadership & Talent for NNJ Association for Talent Development.



Ashley Doria

Ashley, Senior Strategic Partnership Lead, VSO, is a social impact and partnerships director with over 10 years of experience increasing stewardship and consensus to shape strategic partnerships in sustainable development.

She has worked across 20+ countries to influence diverse stakeholders in multiple sectors to shape change around women’s empowerment, resilient livelihoods, education, and social inclusion.

Ashley has a bachelor’s of science in environmental policy and a master’s in geography with a focus on the intersection of climate and gender.


Lael Giebel

Lael has been working in the field of sustainability for more than a decade. Currently, she serves as the Director of Global Sustainability at KnowBe4, where she manages the organization’s sustainability program across 11 countries. Lael’s passion for environmental conservation led her to become a LEED AP in 2009 and earn her MBA in Sustainability in 2011. She is a certified TRUE Advisor who specializes in zero waste management to help organizations achieve their waste reduction goals and minimize their carbon footprint. In addition, Lael is a Green Globes Professional and a Certified Climate Change Ambassador. She holds certificates in Executive Women in Leadership from Cornell University and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace from the University of South Florida. Lael is committed to promoting holistic approaches to sustainability that incorporate environmentally friendly practices into all aspects of life and livelihoods. She is also the author of Sustainability is for Everyone: Beginning Steps to Creating a Sustainability Program for Your Business, which is available at all online bookstores, including Amazon:


Rachael Spelman

Rachael is a devoted sustainability professional with strong academic credentials and a proven history of promoting environmentally conscious practices. She has earned a Master’s in Business Administration and a Master of Science in Sustainability Management from Stevens Institute of Technology, in addition to a Bachelor of Science in Business and Technology. Rachael’s unwavering commitment to sustainability is evident in her current position as the Lead Sustainability Analyst at Apis Innovation, a company that specializes in methane capture at landfills.

Rachael has actively participated in various sustainability initiatives throughout her career. Her involvement includes conducting life cycle assessments, measuring carbon footprints, managing waste reduction initiatives, and developing and executing marketing strategies that emphasize a commitment to sustainable practices. Additionally, Rachael holds certifications in Inclusive Leadership and Environmental Management. Her unwavering dedication to sustainability and her continuous pursuit of knowledge make her a valuable contributor in the field, devoted to driving positive change in the world.