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Sustainable Healthcare

Thursday, March 23rd

Join WCS for a discussion on sustainability in healthcare.

The healthcare industry is uniquely dedicated to supporting human wellbeing. Part of delivering on this mission is improving the environmental footprint through solutions such as clean energy, waste prevention, and sourcing better materials. We’ll hear from three experts who are working to do just that, and ultimately make healthcare healthier for all.  

We’ll hear from experts in decarbonization, examine ways of reducing healthcare carbon emissions, and learn actions healthcare organizations can take to mitigate climate change. We’ll discuss sustainable packaging, and opportunities healthcare organizations have to create less waste to reduce their carbon footprint. Lastly, we’ll take a look at better materials using reduced toxics and healthier inputs. 

Our discussion will be moderated by Erika Kimball, Principal at Kimball Sustainable Healthcare. Our expert panelists are Terry Duffina, Director, Sustainability Program Office at Stanford Health Care; Anna Brown, Founder and CEO of Stark Street Materials; and Melinda Su En Lee, Co-Founder and CEO at Parcel Health, Inc. Join us for a discussion on sustainable healthcare, where we are, where are we going, and how can we improve our system.




Terry Duffina
Director, Sustainability Program Office, Stanford Health Care

Terry Duffina is a Healthcare sustainability professional with a passion for developing and implementing strategy around: corporate sustainability, energy efficiency, energy procurement, EHS compliance, and facilities management. Terry is a mentor who works to inspire the best in everyone. As an eternal optimist she is mission driven to engage business leaders to improve the collective burden placed on this planet. Terry is working at the forefront of the healthcare sector climate action movement as hospitals and industry partners begin to tackle decarbonization and resilience. 


Melinda Su En Lee
Co-Founder and CEO, Parcel Health, Inc

Melinda Su-En Lee is the co-founder and CEO at Parcel Health. Parcel Health is a sustainable medication packaging company providing sustainable packaging to pharmacies and healthcare systems in the U.S and Canada. Melinda received her graduate degree in pharmacy (PharmD) from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and her undergraduate degree at Stony Brook University, NY. She was born and raised in Malaysia and moved to the United States for higher education in 2011. She speaks 5 languages, loves her rescue pitbull, and enjoys gardening in the summer.


Anna Brown
Founder and CEO, Stark Street Materials

Anna Brown, PhD is a chemist turned entrepreneur in Portland OR. Her start-up, Stark Street Materials, is built around a high performance, and non-toxic radiation shielding material. She is generally focused on building a chemical and materials company with a minimal negative environmental footprint, that will help phase out lead from the medical industry. 


Erika Kimball
Founder, Principal, Kimball Sustainable Healthcare

Erika is the founder of Kimball Sustainable Healthcare, a business consulting firm that creates sustainability strategies, programs, and communications for hospitals and healthcare companies.  A positive and determined change agent with expertise in climate action, zero waste, and sustainable product lifecycle for healthcare, Erika brings people together to create sustainability solutions that support quality, safety and value. Erika loves learning and adventure and holds an MBA from Presidio Graduate School.