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Senior Technical Sales Engineer | Skyven Technologies | Dallas, TX

At Skyven, we believe that climate change is one of the biggest problems humanity has ever faced, with the potential to permanently alter ecosystems and communities around the world. That is why we are dedicated to emissions-free low-temperature heat for industrial applications. Skyven provides decarbonization outsourcing services by offering turn-key clean thermal energy projects to industrial manufacturers. We are a small but mighty team and we have already made an impact working with large food processing and chemical manufacturers on their bottom lines and environmental footprints.

As a Technical Sales Engineer, you will lead and execute the conceptual design of industrial-scale projects in the renewable thermal energy and heat recovery space.

The position is both a challenging and rewarding one, in that it requires creative and innovative thinking backed by technical expertise. We are looking for an engineer with an entrepreneurial mindset — someone who thrives when learning new things, handles ambiguity deftly, and prides themselves on out-of-the-box thinking.

This position offers a unique opportunity to drive impact across large organizations through meaningful carbon reductions and cost saving measures. Your primary responsibility will include managing the development and implementation of clean energy projects.

If you have a passion for entrepreneurship, strong internal drive, the capacity to juggle multiple projects and relationships at once, and a fire to help create a more sustainable future, this is the role for you.

A. Technical Creativity

  • Assess thermal energy consumption in industrial facilities. Identify opportunities for clean thermal energy and heat recovery projects through collecting, researching, and thinking creatively about customer PFDs, HMI screen caps, and historian data.
  • Perform feasibility and cost-benefit analysis of available products, installation options, and new technologies.
  • Lead risk assessment and contingency planning, including communication and agreement across by all project stakeholders.

B. Sales and Project Management

  • Provide technical support for sales engagements.
  • Perform site visits. Use consultative and sales skills to build rapport and establish trust with existing customers and prospect customers.
  • Write project proposals. Effectively present solutions.
  • Support salesperson in contract negotiation and sales closing as needed.
  • Facilitate smooth handoff of closed deals to the project management and execution team, including a handoff of engineering design.

Skyven offers competitive compensation packages with a mix of salary, equity / stock options, and benefits.

Skyven is located in Dallas, TX, and upcoming projects are located in Central Valley California and Upstate New York. Candidates located in Dallas, TX or Central California are preferred, but we are open to remote work for well-qualified candidates. Travel up to ~25% of the role.

To apply, please submit a resume, cover letter, and sample customer presentation (instructions below) to

Preferred Qualifications

  • An Entrepreneurial Engineer: Creative and innovative mindset with a penchant for problem solving. Comfortable with ambiguity. Eagerness to both build processes and overcome technical challenges with limited information — first conceptually and then in detail.
  • BS in an engineering discipline
  • Familiarity with industrial manufacturing facilities
  • 5+ years experience in at least one of the following: Process mechanical design, Vendor and contractor management, Construction management
  • Diverse understanding of the electrical, mechanical, chemical, and construction disciplines
  • Working knowledge of the following: Process flow diagrams, Piping & instrument diagrams, Mass & heat balances (with special focus on heat exchangers), Equipment & installation specifications, Process instrumentation, Request for proposal (RFP) process
  • Passion and know-how around clean energy technology and projects
  • Comfort working in an evolving, entrepreneurial environment, with the capacity to drive results in the face of complex challenges

Sample Customer Presentation – Instructions
Choose a large food or beverage manufacturing facility that is likely to have a fuel bill of over $1M (hint: the company should have more than $100M in annual revenue). Build a brief, 3-4 slide sample customer presentation that outlines potential capital projects that would reduce on-site emissions by cutting fuel consumption while minimizing risk.

Choose projects that are common, or likely to apply, for this type of facility (this is a sample presentation, we understand you have incomplete info about the facility).Address conceptual design, benefits, costs, and risks for the projects using (rough) numbers. Make reasonable input assumptions for the numbers chosen, and include a backup slide that states the assumptions, justifies the reasonableness of the assumptions, and shows the calculations made.

PDF the presentation and include it with your resume and cover letter.

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