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Senior Business Development | Apparent | Novato, CA

Apparent, Inc., an energy management services company, is revolutionizing grid-edge technologies.  Apparent offers a data-driven solution to optimizing the production and use of clean energy based  on local economics. The Company’s cutting-edge energy platform consists of an enterprise software  hosted on proprietary hardware to integrate renewables, storage, and traditional energy markets. Apparent is reinventing the way the grid and consumers manage and use energy – creating a new  market with multiple business opportunities that range from consumers behind-the-meter to the  distribution and transmission operators.

Our growing company was named in the top 250 fastest growing new companies in 2019. Apparent  has deployed our software+hardware energy solution in five states since 2012 and are looking to  scale and implement growth opportunities in new markets. We are searching for professionals with a  solid record of creating long-term, repetitive value for organizations, including a department leader  who understands how to leverage real data and capitalize on business trends in energy.

A qualified candidate will be ready to engage on all levels as we build a business group with one  focus: satisfying customers and partners. If you are the kind of person energized by a working  culture that addresses big problems through collaborative problem solving, ingenuity, and vision, we  encourage you to apply.


Apparent is looking for an experienced person to oversee business development and strategic  partnerships – to engage with other senior members to refine and focus Apparent’s business  development goals and its strategic partnerships and to implement these programs. The position  requires the ability to evaluate and prioritize possible business and strategic partnership goals,  prepare and deliver pitches to potential customers and partners, and manage staff and services to  meet goals on a regular basis (including assisting with recruiting). Strong communication and  leadership skills are mandatory as is the ability to work in an emerging company. This position is  best suited for a person who is focused and can quickly identify and solve problems while fostering a  collaborative environment with all people within the Company.



  • Assist in developing business plans and partnership strategies, including identifying staffing  needs, recruiting, and managing staff
  • Implementing business plans and partnership strategies to accomplish specific annual and  short term (3 year) goals
  • Following up on customer and partner needs to ensure customer and partner long-term  relationship goals are met
  • Interacting with the engineering groups to gain an understanding of software and hardware  functionality and performance
  • Provide forward-facing interaction, including writing media pieces, participating in seminars,  and media-related activity



  • An advanced degree in business development, management, or finance is required, project  management experience in clean energy or utility programs is an advantage
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in business development is required
  • Proven ability to develop business plans with actual goals and targets for measuring  performance, experience in clean energy is an advantage
  • Leadership and communication skills – especially written communication skills are required SKILLS or EXPERIENCE THAT PUTS YOU AHEAD
  • Experience in business models focused on sales and recurring services
  • Experience developing strategic partnerships and recurring sales
  • Experience in distributed energy, clean energy, or distribution-side programs (utility) • Experience with policy, regulation formation and implementation
  • STEM or engineering experience



Please email your resume with a letter of interest to Apparent accepts  applications from principals qualified to work in the United States. Please do not apply through a  third-party vendor.

Apparent, Inc. is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and we encourage women, minorities,  and veterans to apply. We are committed to maintaining a diverse workforce and strongly believe in  equal opportunity for all individuals in all aspects of the employment relationship without regard to  any protected characteristic or disability in accord with applicable law.


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