Senior Analyst for Energy Efficiency Market Advancement

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Senior Analyst | Public Utilities Commission | San Francisco, CA

Job Description and Duties

Individuals interested in applying for this vacancy must have eligibility.  If you are new to state service or need to gain eligibility to this classification, please Click here to open the examination bulletin and follow the instructions on “How to apply”.

The examination is a separate process from applying for this vacancy.  Please be sure to follow all instructions for each process.

Virtual interviews via web portals or phone may be offered as deemed appropriate and feasible by the hiring manager – standard in-person interviews will still be offered if conditions permit.

The energy efficiency program administrators regulated by the CPUC include investor owned electric and gas utilities, networks of local governments (Regional Energy Networks), and Community Choice Aggregators. The CPUC’s current efforts to drive innovation and achieve cost effective energy savings include the requirement that 60% of the investor-owned utilities’ budgets be out sourced to third party entities to bring new and innovative program design into the portfolio. The CPUC also requires program administrators to submit business plan applications for review and approval. We expect the program administrators to propose in these business plans the latest strategies in each of the residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors, and an appropriate budget to meet these strategies.

Under the direction of the Project and Program Supervisor, the senior analyst will advise the Commissioners and Administrative Law Judge in review and approval of the program administrator applications’ strategies for:

  • Ability to cost effectively achieve energy savings goals (through third party solicited programs).
  • Forward thinking and complementary efforts for facilitating the success of energy efficiency programs (such as workforce, education, and training programs).
  • Equity, serving hard to reach customers in need.

In supporting review and approval of applications, the senior analyst will lead a team of analysts to manage the complex process and diverse subject areas associated with advising the CPUC on adoption of Program administrators’ strategies and budgets. Also, the senior analyst will leverage assessment of past and current program administrator performance. If opportunities for catalyzing innovation to expand or accelerate the energy efficiency market in reaching and exceeding savings goals, are left on the table, the senior analyst may propose recommendations to challenge program administrators to address these opportunities. The senior analyst also can recommend improvements based on lessons learned from the first rounds of third-party solicitation for new, innovative energy efficiency programs.

The analyst also oversees the program administrators’ implementation of their energy efficiency portfolio, ensuring they design a complement of programs to successfully reach goals, and that they execute the next round of third party solicitations more effectively, with greater participation, transparency, and accountability, in order to not just meet the 60 percent of the portfolio third-party designed mandate, but that these third party designed programs are new and innovative energy efficiency programs.

In general, the Senior Analyst’s role includes developing policy recommendations, soliciting, reviewing, summarizing, and incorporating stakeholder input or proposals, and compiling data and presenting analytical evidence in support or rebuttal of policy options or proposals. The staff’s role in policy implementation includes proactive anticipation of risks and challenges, identifying gaps and inconsistencies in policy’s effectiveness, and ensuring data is collected for evaluation of the success of decision directed activities. The position thus requires an ability to conduct complex economic, policy and/or technical analyses and research.

The analyst will also take a broad and strategic view, collaborate across CPUC divisions and with other State agencies, and to add value through considering the bigger picture state and commission goals. Specifically, we will work together to meet California’s goal of a carbon-free electric system by 2045 and through the Commission’s integrated resource planning effort, do so affordably, reliably, and safely.

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