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Residential Decarbonization Advisor | Abode Energy Management | Remote


This is a new position that will play a vital role in delivering services for a new, multi-million dollar state-wide program starting up in July aimed at accelerating residential adoption of air source heat pumps and heat pump water heaters.  Using processes and tools developed by Abode, the Residential Decarbonization Advisor will provide virtual consultations to residential customers to help them evaluate and move forward with energy efficiency and decarbonization solutions.  The Residential Decarbonization Advisor will also meet regularly in the field with manufacturers, distributors, and contractors to help spread the word about rebates and other incentives. This is a terrific opportunity for someone adept at translating technical jargon into actionable, useful advice to help realize the climate impacts of electrification.


Reporting to the Heat Pump Program Manager and working closely with Abode’s entire decarbonization team, this position will include some or all of the following responsibilities:

  • Learn about and stay current with recommended system design and installation standards

The Residential Decarbonization Advisor will stay current with evolving standards for the recommended design and installation of heat pumps, so as to be in a position to provide fact-based, useful advice to homeowners and contractors.

  • Provide virtual consultations to residential customers considering decarbonization solutions, with an initial focus on heat pumps

The Residential Decarbonization Advisor will consult virtually with residential customers to help them evaluate alternatives for adding heat pumps to their home’s infrastructure .  The Advisor will help homeowners understand the capabilities and limitations of this technology based on their home’s attributes and their goals for considering such systems.  Consultations may range from helping people to understand the basic pro’s and con’s inherent to such systems all the way to helping them better understand how to size, design, and install such systems so as to maximize their benefits.

  •  Engage with heat pump manufacturers, distributors, and contractors

The Residential Decarbonization Advisor may meet up to two to three days per week in the field  with companies involved in manufacturing, distributing and installing heat pumps, both to provide them with information about related government and utility programs and incentives, as well as to learn more about industry needs.  As appropriate, the Residential Decarbonization Advisor may work to help troubleshoot issues that arise on particular projects.

  • Other tasks as assigned by your Manager

Abode has been charged by RI Office of Energy Resources with building out a multi-year, many faceted program (utilizing a comprehensive blend of education, technical assistance, and financial incentives) to accelerate the adoption of residential heat pumps state-wide.  The Residential Decarbonization Advisor will not only be able to rely on the deep bench Abode has built both internally and with strong partners to help deliver these services, but will also be in a front-row position to help apply day to day learnings to improving the processes and tools used to achieve the program’s desired impacts.

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