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September 30, 2022

5:00 PM – 6:45 PM PST

Join WCS for a private screening of The Revolution Generation, the latest documentary by activist/filmmaker team Josh Tickell and Rebecca Harrell-Tickell. 

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Join WCS for a private screening of The Revolution Generation, the latest documentary by activist/filmmaker team Josh Tickell and Rebecca Harrell-Tickell. What better way to end your work week than by grabbing your favorite snack and beverage of choice, sitting back with your bossbabe friend group, and creating a space for a moment of inspiration. This documentary, produced by 360 Degree Communications, focuses on the exploration of world-changing activism and potential of the largest youth generation in history! The Revolution Generation shows examples of young leaders working to revolutionize systems that have failed their generation. It paints a powerful and hopeful picture of how today’s youth can solve global political and environmental crises.

This upbeat and inspiring documentary is narrated by and features the Award-Winning Actor Michelle Rodriguez (Lost, Avatar, The Fast and The Furious). The Revolution Generation is a manifesto in nature, tailored for today’s youth on the societal forces that have both shaped and held back their generation. Go into your weekend feeling empowered and reminded of how truly great your impact can be, we all need to be reminded of it sometimes.

As the millennial and youth vote slides backwards in the United States from over 50% in 2016 to 46% in 2020, the movie ends with a call to action for young people to get involved in policy including running for office, revolutionizing outdated parts of our democracy and most importantly, voting.

View the Trailer:

Event Agenda (times in PT):

  • 5:00 – 5:02 Arrival and Introductions
  • 5:02 – 5:05 Zoom etiquette, housekeeping items
  • 5:05 – 6:35 Film Screening
  • 6:35 – 6:45 Thank you and wrap-up


Kirpa Grewal

Business Development & Strategy at Sustainable Brands, WCS Volunteer Manager

Kirpa is a climate reality leader, humanitarian, and speaker committed to sustainability, social, and environmental innovation. Having worked with several organizations whose focuses include sustainability, circular economy, and clean technology, Kirpa aims to shift the economy towards increased sustainable development practices for a greener and more just future. A Bay Area native, she goes on weekly coastal cleanups with her dog, Ziggy, to clear trash from local waterways and bring awareness to the marine litter problem.


ro*co films

ro*co films was born in Cannes in April of 2000, when Annie Roney brought her first Oscar-nominated documentary film, Regret to Inform, to the international media market for licensing. It was only one film, but the masterful filmmaking and haunting content deserved a personal approach. After licensing the film to dozens of countries and being thanked by buyers for bringing a women’s perspective of war to the screen, Annie committed herself and her team to finding audiences for a curated collection of documentaries that could positively impact the way global audiences wrestled with complex issues. Serving both filmmakers and media buyers, ro*co has naturally grown and evolved much like the markets we serve. We can now reach an expanded, more diverse audience, while proudly returning quarterly royalties to filmmakers through six distinct divisions; international distribution, educational distribution in the US & Canada, North American sales, digital distribution, international semi-theatrical licensing and production.

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