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PR Account Executive | Technica Communications | Remote

This position focuses on supporting clients in the energy, sustainability, transportation, and more. Our clients sell electric trucks and buses, EV charging infrastructure, green building sensors, solar and energy storage batteries, hydrogen transportation solutions, and more.  Experience with clean energy, and transportation a plus, but not required.

We’re a boutique PR agency looking for an autonomous and accountable PR professional to help handle the growing client load of our agency. Our agency is completely virtual, and we meet on Slack and phone calls frequently. This position would be client-facing and reports to an Account Manager and supervisor and collaborates with account coordinators and social media managers.

This position holds the opportunity to move up to a full-time position and/or an Account Manager position after at least six months if desired.

Job duties and responsibilities

  • Contribute to the planning and implementation of public relations strategies
  • Suggest campaign and angle ideas for coverage, releases, speaking, awards, bylines, and other tactics for exposure
  • Ensure the PR Plan and Dashboard is maintained and kept up to date
  • Attend client calls, leading the calls, or contributing where you can
  • Review and update weekly agendas accordingly
  • Manage client follow up for task completion they owe Technica
  • Updating clients on PR activity progress as needed (before they ask for it)
  • Liaising with clients via telephone and email
  • Strategize with clients in real-time

Press Releases

  • Convert a release idea into a media hook
  • Able to identify possible crisis situation during the planning stages of PR idea, even if they may not know how to solve it
  • Write and edit press releases
  • Draft pitches for releases, or review those drafted by other team members
  • Draft and edit coverage reporting
  • Provide strategy on releases and its contents as needed
  • Manage third party stakeholder pitching coordination

Media Relations

  • Pitch press releases and feature ideas by phone or email to national, regional and trade journalists, across print, broadcast, and online, to interest them in covering their clients’ stories
  • Facilitate the creation of briefing notes
  • Facilitate media interviews with the press (scheduling, hosting, and follow up)
  • Communicate with the press to ensure corrections on articles in a timely manner
  • Respond to phone calls and emails from journalists
  • Monitor media coverage and report results to the wider team and clients
  • Liaising on a daily basis with media, often via telephone and email
  • Solid understanding of media landscape for the client
  • Manage client interviews at conferences
  • Trend story development

Thought Leadership

  • Consistently come up with ideas for angles
  • Draft and/or edit byline thesis statements, outlines, and articles for ease of understanding, media angles/interest, clarity, flow, and AP Style
  • Pitch and ensure bylines are placed

Speaking and Awards

  • Consistently come up with new ideas for abstract/submission angles that have relevance to the industry
  • Draft/edit submissions for compelling content, clarity, flow and AP Style
  • Draft/edit cold pitches conferences for acceptance

Social Media

  • General understanding of social media strategies and how to execute them
  • Ability to troubleshoot and strategize with clients for improved results
  • Editing social media CTAs for best practices and compelling content


  • Provide marketing strategies that could lead to PR wins, such as case studies, research reports, white papers, etc.
  • Ability to coordinate on-site studio or location photography or video
  • Contributes ideas and feedback on exhibit booth design, map selection, giveaways, and other booth activities and promotion



  • Displays excellent communication skills including writing, research, and persuasion skills required in working with account coordinators, senior account executives, account supervisors, managers, and directors.
  • Maintains punctual, regular, and predictable attendance.
  • Regularly contributes content to the agency’s blog and newsletter
  • Updating or suggesting edits to process documents
  • Keeping Teamwork tasks up to date, and setting up new tasks as directed

Job requirements and qualifications

  • Account Executive applicants should contain the following requirements and qualifications:
  • Previous working experience in public relations for (5) years
  • Degree in PR, communications, journalism or relevant field
  • Excellent communication, presentation, and leadership skills
  • Outstanding organizational and time management skills
  • Aptitude in presentation and public speaking
  • Attention to details
  • Critical thinker and analytical problem solver


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