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Credit Analyst

The Credit Analyst is a critical role with Sunstone Credit. You will work directly with the VP of Risk / Chief Risk Officer and Commercial Underwriters to review applications for creditworthiness and the receipt of the appropriate documents. You will follow-up with borrowers to secure the additional information to make sound lending decisions while maintaining an exceptional customer experience. You will be expected to look for new, creative, and innovative ways to process loan applications that improves the speed, quality, and competitiveness of our underwriting process. The selected candidate will have a stellar track record of dependable, superior performance in previous roles, elite customer service skills, excellent organizational skills, a knowledge of bank policies and procedures, and a willingness to contribute beyond the scope of the job description to ensure Sunstone’s success. This role is a great stepping-stone toward becoming a commercial underwriter with Sunstone Credit.

Director of Product Management

Sunstone is seeking a Director of Product Management that will be responsible for managing, executing, and building a product management organization, evangelizing efficient and effective product management processes within the company as well as putting into place product management processes to effectively execute on Sunstone Credit’s mission of providing businesses financial solutions to go Solar. In this position you will work closely with the executive team to develop product roadmaps, direction, and the vision for execution of Sunstone Credit’s mission.

Finance Manager

The Finance Manager is a critical role with Sunstone Credit. As part of the Finance team, you will work directly with the VP of Finance, Controller, and other senior leaders to lead financial forecasting and modeling, support investor relations, draft strategic presentations for internal and external stakeholders, and play a critical role in financial product innovation and development. As Finance Manager, you will collaborate with various cross-functional teams, including business development, risk and compliance, strategy and accounting to provide financial insight, guidance, and analysis to constantly improve both our internal and external operations. You will also be expected to collaborate with external financing partners and support capital raise pitches. You will evaluate new business concepts, drive productivity measurements, improve planning and forecasting processes, and help us scale for future growth. Candidate must have a strong interest in complex financial modeling, accounting, financial services, fintech start-ups, and renewables finance, be a team player with a positive attitude and a strong work ethic, be well organized with exceptional attention to detail and communication skills, and be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment where everyone wears more than one hat and is expected to go beyond their job description to ensure Sunstone’s success. We are a startup with a great culture and entrepreneurial spirit – we like to work hard AND have fun while solving big challenges in renewable finance. The successful candidate will share our enthusiasm!

Program/Product Manager

We are looking for a product manager to be responsible for organizing programs and products being executed by the Engineering team at Sunstone Credit. You will be tasked with developing programs to support the organization’s strategic direction, as well as creating and managing long term goals. In this hybrid program/product management role, you will participate in determining the sprint priorities of product development based on the engineering roadmap, working with the executive team to collect business requirements as well as with engineers to determine execution priorities. You will also be in charge of developing and managing vendor engagements from a project management level.

Senior Full-Stack Engineer (Tech lead)

Sunstone Credit is seeking a Senior Full-stack Engineer to join our team! Engineers at Sunstone Credit are the builders of pipelines, processes, tooling and work closely with business stakeholders to build the entire infrastructure and products that connect all the stakeholders of Sunstone. Stakeholders include both internal and external parties, including the Sunstone Financial Operations and Business Development teams, the Sunstone partners which include banks and solar developers that are out in the field.

Senior Salesforce Engineer

Sunstone Credit is seeking an experienced Salesforce administrator to assist in capitalizing on the benefits offered by the Salesforce CRM system. In this remote role, your duties will include creating and managing user accounts, profiles, roles, maintaining Salesforce databases, informing, and implementing processes to keep multiple sandbox environments in sync through object and permission changes, maintaining connected apps and training staff on the effective use of Salesforce products.

To ensure success as a Salesforce administrator, you should possess extensive knowledge of Salesforce system administration and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. Salesforce administrators ensure that their Salesforce expertise translates into optimized sales department’s and the business process’ operations.

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