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Development Engineer IV – Sputtering/Materials Research

Basic Job Functions:

  • Thin film deposition and materials research to improve conversion efficiency of thin film solar cells
  • Plan, execute and characterize laboratory experiments.  Communicate results across organization.  Accountable for experimental conclusions and recommendations.

Commodity Manager II

Lead procurement cross-functional teams for Tier 2 categories resulting in procurement decisions delivering the highest quality, reliability, and value to meet First Solar requirements.  Develop strong business relationships and strategic alliances supporting First Solar’s growth plan.

Development Engineer III – Chemist

Designs and develops chemical processes to improve thin-film photovoltaic device efficiencies.

Engineer – Field Technology III

Basic Job Functions:

  • Develop and define standards and best practices for module handling and pack handling on a photovoltaic (PV) construction site to support high volume install.
  • Development and design of ergonomic aids for field handling of PV modules.
  • Support field testing of pack, module, and 3rd party structure design innovations to evaluate module install rate, labor requirements, and ergonomics.

Development Engineer IV

Basic Job Functions:

  • Perform material and device research to enhance thin film solar cell performance and stability and to reduce manufacturing cost.
  • The job involves experimental research and development leading to an increased understanding of the semiconductor film deposition process, substrate glass, glass coatings, and their effects on solar cell device performance.
  • Will plan, organize, and execute engineering experiments involving a semiconductor deposition process using small-scale and production coating equipment.
  • Responsible for projects or functions that are highly complex, require significant innovation and critical to department objectives.
  • Identify and implement tool, process, and substrate glass improvements and processes
  • Coordinate with various teams to support various projects requiring deposited materials.
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