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Senior Associate (Austin, TX or Oakland, CA)

Our client seeks a Senior Associate to join its U.S.-based analytics team. The Senior Associate will manage junior staff to help its clients make more informed decisions and will support with a significant amount of client engagement. This role may be placed within the consulting services team or the research team.

Project Lead (Austin, TX)

Our client seeks a Project Lead to provide consulting services on the project execution team. The Project Lead will be responsible for managing staff in producing strategic intelligence to aid clients in making informed decisions. This role also involves a significant amount of client engagement, namely, identifying potential problems, generating hypotheses, performing research and analysis, summarizing data and insights, providing guidance, as well as presenting. The right candidate will be able to combine their technical skills with a solid track record of performance and leadership in collaborative work environments.

Energy Procurement Manager (Chandler, Arizona)

The person hired for this role will primarily support customers in developing and implementing fuel and energy purchasing strategies. They will be responsible for managing Requests for Proposals, responding to client questions, data analysis, report preparation and utility operations. The right candidate will be able to provide adequate diligence on market, customer and operational data, which often involves consistent, direct communication with customers, suppliers and utilities.

Chief Operating Officer (NYC, Boston, Raleigh or Washington D.C.)

The COO will report to the CEO and will be tasked with implementing and integrating – from managing internal operations of the company’s quickly growing business to enabling the company to perform cohesively. The right candidate for this position will be skilled in managing staff, organizing, and motivating team members. The COO’s role also involves keeping teams accountable so that the company can achieve its annual and multi-year goals. They will also enable the company to pursue new business as the company continues to expand its offerings.

VP / SVP of Development (Remote)

Our client seeks a VP or SVP of Development who is looking to accomplish strong environmental progress. The VP or SVP of Development will manage and lead all aspects of development projects – from site assessments through to handing the project off to construction.

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