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SPAN develops products that accelerate the rapid adoption of renewable energy in the home. The flagship SPAN Smart Panel is the first true evolution for the traditional home electric panel, harnessing enhanced technology for metering, monitoring, and control. An expanded product suite of intelligent, integrated solutions radically lowers the cost and complexity of energy upgrades–including solar, batteries and EVs–empowering homeowners to be active, resilient and informed players in the energy market.

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Product Quality Engineer

Team Mission: The quality team is a key enabler to ensuring the design, manufacturing, and operations of SPAN products deliver an amazing customer experience. This comes through fostering a culture of proactive quality improvement by implementing methods and systems for promoting early failure detection in both the design and manufacturing process coupled with a robust RCCA process that drives improvement early in the product life cycle.

Specific Areas of Focus: Supplier hardware quality, developing and maintaining quality standards for SPAN products, supporting new product development and transfers, engaging with engineering to establish methods for ensuring product archives design and functional specifications.

QA Engineer

Team Mission: The QA team plays a key role throughout the entire development process at Span. The team is responsible for the quality of all SPAN products to ensure that the customer has an amazing experience through testing, planning, and having the foresight to eliminate issues before they reach our customers.

Specific Areas of Focus: Establish a deep understanding of our products that include our mobile apps and hardware such as our SPAN home electrical panel, as well as their underlying architecture to help create and test robust test scenarios that mimic real-life usage.

Senior Data Engineer

We are seeking a senior data engineer to join our team building the cloud based glue that gives our users access to the rich information and controls provided by the SPAN Panel. Our system collects a large volume of energy monitoring data that needs to be stored, processed, and exposed in different ways for different end users. We’re also opening up revolutionary levels of insight and control of the energy in the home, which need to be accessed in secure and easy-to-use APIs.

You’ll join our cloud software engineering team, bringing your expertise in data engineering to bear as we design, implement, and manage the SPAN cloud system. You’ll work with other engineers including mobile, device firmware, and systems software in our broader software engineering group. Your data experience will help us build features and systems that leverage the wealth of data the SPAN panel generates, integrate with external datasets and services, and utilize machine learning to be most efficient and effective.

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