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Business Development Associate

Our client seeks a Business Development Associate to collaborate with a diverse team that is working toward expanding the organization’s business prospects. This requires time spent assessing partners and growing the existing customer base through a combination of relationship building and outreach. The ideal candidate has prior experience in project development or asset management and enjoys working on managing customer relations. Those with experience in finance or investment banking within the energy infrastructure industry would be particularly well suited for this position.

Director of Development

Our client seeks a Director of Development who is passionate about decarbonization and who can be a self-driven leader. The successful applicant will spearhead development efforts across North America by focusing on the ongoing pipeline of investable projects. The right candidate will be able to lead and work with various stakeholders including customers, landowners, regulators, public officials and service providers.

Investment & Finance Analyst

Our client seeks someone to join their team as an Analyst on the Investment and Finance team. This important position requires someone who can take charge of capital commitments, and manage organizational financial modeling and market research for company acquisitions. The position will include tasks across various teams, including the investment team, finance team, project finance team, and more, which means that collaboration and cooperation with multiple teams is imperative. As an Analyst, the right candidate will also support the organization’s growth through careful underwriting and analysis if/when investment opportunities arise.

Energy Asset Manager

Our client seeks an Energy Asset Manager who will be in charge of both operational and technical supervision of the company’s energy assets. This position merges multiple roles including the management of daily operations as well as outreach and work with both external and internal stakeholders.

Senior Manager, Sustainability

Our client seeks a Senior Manager for Sustainability Solutions who will report to the VP of Commercialization and Development and be in charge of the technical sales team as well as help increase the profitability of advisory services. This position is focused on sales of multi-product services and the development of a technical team that can support the advisory pipeline and customers’ sustainability goals. The role requires considerable engagement with various departments in the company and requires a person who is a leader that can develop strong relationships across various teams.

Manager, Sustainability

Our client seeks a Sustainability Manager who will help address various issues such as health, equity and climate through partnerships with interested and invested stakeholders. The position involves content creation and requires working with both internal and external partners to help manage and govern innovative project plans from their starting phases through to their integration.

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