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Geophysicist | Fervo Energy | Houston, San Francisco, Reno, or Denver

Decarbonizing the energy sector is an urgent challenge, and with the right technology, geothermal energy can  play a central role. We are expanding our team to help make this vision a reality. Fervo Energy has developed  technology to make geothermal power scalable and cost-effective. Join us and work alongside world-class  engineers, researchers, investors, and developers in making geothermal a key pillar of our climate-friendly  energy future. 

Position Description 

The Geophysicist will be responsible for providing geophysics, seismology, and reservoir geomechanics analyses  to support Fervo Energy’s geothermal exploration and development activities. This position will play a key role in  shaping the development strategy, designing and implementing field data acquisition campaigns, and optimizing  

reservoir performance across Fervo’s growing project portfolio. Responsibilities will include designing borehole  microseismic monitoring campaigns, processing real-time fiber-optics sensing data (DAS/DTS/DSS) to improve  subsurface reservoir characterization, perform computational wavefield modeling to optimize field  deployments, managing exploration surface geophysics surveys, and developing induced seismicity mitigation  and response plans. The Geophysicist will collaborate with an interdisciplinary group across Fervo’s geology,  reservoir engineering, and D&C teams to develop geologic models. This position will support Fervo Energy’s R&D  and intellectual property portfolio management activities. The Geophysicist will report to the Chief Technology  Officer. 

Essential Functions 

  • Process and analyze geophysical, seismological, and fiber-optic sensing datasets 
  • Design and implement data acquisition programs for Fervo field projects, including deep borehole  microseismic monitoring, DAS fiber optics deployments, shallow borehole seismic networks, and surface  potential field surveys 
  • Interpret microseismic data to characterize stimulated reservoir volume/geometry Work with a variety of fiber-optic sensing datasets, including high-frequency DAS for flow allocation,  low-frequency DAS for near-well fracture deformation, DTS warmback analysis, DAS microseismic, etc. Use forward wavefield computational modeling to design and optimize data acquisition campaigns Develop innovative geophysical data processing techniques 
  • Integrate 2D/3D seismic, VSP, and wireline log data to improve velocity models 
  • Evaluate subsurface state of stress and develop geomechanical models 
  • Manage greenfield exploration geophysics surveys, including gravity, MT, seismic, etc. across Fervo’s  portfolio 
  • Work with a cross-functional team of geologists, reservoir engineers, and drilling & completions  engineers to develop geothermal reservoir conceptual models and numerical reservoir models Work with the CTO to identify and evaluate opportunities to deploy innovative technologies to improve  reservoir performance 
  • Assist with asset management and investment analysis/diligence 
  • Participate in conferences and industry workshops to stay current with the latest developments in  exploration geophysics, seismic monitoring, and fiber-optics sensing 

Required and Preferred Qualifications 

  • A strong background in exploration geophysics, reservoir geomechanics, and computational modeling is  required 
  • Required: 7+ years of geophysics experience in the oil and gas or geothermal industries Required: PhD in Geophysics or similar discipline


  • Required: Experience in data processing of fiber-optics sensing data for subsurface applications,  including DAS/DTS 
  • Required: Experience processing microseismic monitoring data to characterize key reservoir properties,  including stimulated reservoir volume/geometry 
  • Required: Experience running commercial or research wavefield modeling software Required: Python programming experience 
  • Required: Code development experience for advanced geophysical processing 
  • Preferred: Experience participating or managing geothermal/oil and gas greenfield exploration activities,  including processing potential field data (gravity, magnetics, MT) and 2D/3D seismic 
  • Preferred: Experience working with conventional hydrothermal systems 
  • Preferred: Experience with probabilistic seismic hazard analysis and induced seismicity Preferred: Experience processing gravity datasets (CBG, HGM, profile modeling) 
  • Preferred: Experience working with geomodeling software (Petrel, LeapFrog, EarthVision, GOCAD, or  similar) 
  • Preferred: Demonstrated experience applying for and/or leading grant funding applications 


Fervo Energy has offices in Houston, San Francisco, Reno, and Denver; Remote work will be considered through  the end of 2021, but relocation to a Fervo office will ultimately be required. 

About Fervo Energy 

Fervo Energy commercializes technology to own, develop, and operate geothermal assets as the dispatchable  foundation to a 100% clean energy future. As a 24/7, reliable clean energy resource, geothermal energy has a  major role to play in the future electric grid and Fervo Energy’s key innovations bring a full suite of modern  technology to make geothermal cost competitive. Fervo’s innovations include technologies such as advanced  computational models, horizontal drilling, and distributed fiber optic sensing that we have developed with  partners including Schlumberger, ARPA-E, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Fervo is supported through  Cyclotron Road, the Department of Energy, Stanford University, and Breakthrough Energy Ventures.  

Please apply to the Geophysicist position through our website at

Fervo Energy is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed,  gender, religion, marital status, registered domestic partner status, age, national origin, ancestry, physical or  mental disability, medical condition, sex, genetic information, sexual orientation, military and veteran status or  any other consideration made unlawful by federal, state, or local laws. It also prohibits unlawful discrimination  based on the perception that anyone has any of those characteristics, or is associated with a person who has or  is perceived as having any of those characteristics.

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