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Electrical Engineer/Product Manager – Energy Services | Chanje Energy, Inc. | Hawthorne, CA

About Us

Chanje is a California-based OEM delivering medium duty electric vehicles and turnkey energy infrastructure for the last mile industry. We are focused on creating sustainable solutions that improve how companies move people and packages from transportation hubs to their final destinations.

Our opportunity is bigger than simply replacing fossil fuel vehicles with electric. Our long-term vision is to create sustainable urban solutions that improve the last mile and positively impact people, businesses, and communities.

We are here to change energy. Our work starts with changing the fuel of transportation, but we are driven by a much bigger purpose. This larger purpose is to change human energy. We do this by becoming both a catalyst for and an example of positive intention.

Our Corporate Culture

At Chanje, we subscribe to the theory of abundance. Life and business can be win-win. We view our world from a mindset of plenty. We bring this attitude into all areas of our business — both internally and externally. 

As a Deliberately Developmental Organization (DDO), we are committed to the development of our work family – professionally and personally. Everyone at Chanje is equipped with a toolkit that allows them to communicate openly, assess their strengths and weaknesses, cultivate their coaching competencies, grow their consciousness, and reflect.


The Electrical Engineer/Product Manager – Energy Services will help the Chanje Energy Services team ensure that the charging infrastructure it installs at customer depots is robust, cost-effective, complies with applicable codes and standards, meets customer needs, and is future-proof as charging technology evolves.  This position is responsible for performing initial design work for Chanje depots and reviewing the work of Chanje’s engineering and construction contractors, as well as helping to manage a growing product portfolio of best-in-class charging and electrical hardware and software solutions for Chanje’s customers.  In the future, these solutions will include distributed solar PV and battery storage, and microgrid applications.  As Chanje’s customer base grows, this position will have significant influence in the deployment of a major portion of the commercial EV fleet charging infrastructure nation-wide.  

Position Duties/Responsibilities

    • Support the development and refinement of Chanje’s charging product portfolio over time to minimize costs and improve capabilities (e.g., selection of best-in-class vendors and models of chargers and other electrical equipment up to the utility transformer, as well as related software capabilities)
    • Evaluate the technical merits and business case for adopting new charging technologies (e.g., higher-power DC chargers, inductive charging, vehicle-grid integration, etc.) as new technologies emerge 
    • Coordinate with Chanje Engineering team on vehicle charging-related issues such as onboard charger capacity or vehicle-charger communications
    • Develop design standards (CAD templates, cost models, component lists and specifications) for Chanje EV fleet depots that are flexible, robust and future-proof
    • Review and critically evaluate detailed designs and bid packages from engineering/construction contractors
    • Help to manage electric utility processes at fleet customer facilities (e.g., transformer upgrades, new service/meter)
    • Serve as in-house subject matter expert on energy technologies
    • Work closely with Chanje construction managers and outside contractors to implement Chanje infrastructure designs at customer sites and ensure high quality
    • Define and execute testing/validation protocols for all charging and electrical equipment used in Chanje depots, and cross-validation with battery storage, solar PV, etc.
    • Help with planning of microgrid and other cutting-edge technology R&D projects in the fleet electrification space
    • Support the implementation of charging management software
    • Other duties as needed to support the company, such as general electrical engineering or energy data analysis required within the Energy Services business
    • Dedicate time to personal development assignments and be willing to get on the mat and practic
    • Must be open to domestic and international travel 



Preferred Education & Requirements

    • Bachelor’s degree or higher in electrical engineering required
    • Professional Engineer license in electrical engineering (power specialty) desired
    • At least 5 years of experience in electrical engineering required
    • Experience with EV charging infrastructure design, and utility interconnection and electrical permitting processes desired
    • Strong familiarity with NEC and other electrical code requirements desired
    • Experience with battery storage systems, distributed solar PV systems, fuel cells or microturbines, microgrids, and utility distribution systems is a plus, but not required
    • Construction experience is a plus, but not required, as is experience working with outside contractors on engineering and construction projects
    • Product management experience related to energy technologies (hardware and/or software) is a plus
    • Experience with hands-on electrical equipment testing/validation for quality and compliance desired, and ability to help diagnose and resolve electrical equipment issues or failures
    • Some familiarity with communications protocols relevant to energy infrastructure (e.g., OpenADR, OCPP, IEEE 2030.5/SEP 2.0, etc.) and cellular/Wifi networking issues related to energy hardware would be helpful
    • Experience with Microsoft Office Suite required
    • Entrepreneurial spirit with a mindset of always asking how can I do this better?
    • Strong planning, organizational, communication and writing skills
    • Ability to work independently and be held accountable for committed actions
    • Must work and interact well with others in a highly collaborative environment 
    • Valid Passport
    • A willingness to change energy!



Working Location and Reports

  • This position works out of the Chanje Headquarters in Hawthorne, CA.
  • This position reports to the Senior Product Manager of Energy Services.

Employee Development

Chanje is expressly committed to the personal development of its employees. As such, employees are given access to a host of leadership and development tools through an ongoing organizational and personal development curriculum. 

Given this commitment, the Electrical Engineer/Product Manager is expected to: 


  • Be willing to learn, practice, and employ Chanje’s development tools. Including feedback, reflection, and coaching. 
  • Be willing to identify personal areas for growth and work to improve them. 
  • Participate in the regular cadences of the organizational and personal development curriculum including weekly team practices, weekly assignments, and monthly coaching sessions. 

To apply for this position please Email your resume to careers@chanje.com.



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