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Let your voice be heard and help shape event programming for 2023. Join us virtually for an East Coast or West Coast listening session, where we’ll ask for your feedback and what you would like to learn or gain from our events. 

As a community, we enthusiastically seek information and are eager to learn more about you, your professional goals, priorities, and career needs. Please join us virtually for discussion about 2023 events and programming, we want to hear from you! Our goal is to add value for you through participation, engagement, and support. Be heard and help us create events that truly meet your needs and interests.  

We recognize that professional plans change over time.  We welcome you to communicate with us at any time to express your goals, aspirations and how we can deliver knowledge, trends, and insights, as we empower and lift women and our colleagues who wish to join us to pursue excellence in Cleantech and Sustainability.


Pam Samarco


Strategic Talent Development Executive | Speaker | Sustainability | ESG | GRI | Hogan-certified Coach | Leadership | Growth Mindset | Thriving Culture | Best 50 NJ Bz Women | NNJ ATD VP, Leadership Board Officer