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E-Commerce CEO | Planet Cents


  • The utmost integrity – non- negotiable
  • Unwavering love for our
  • Knowledge of and strong concern
  • Minimum of 15 years of experience, (more preferred) planet and mission about climate change
  • E-Commerce expertise
  • Proven success in a startup from its inception
  • Experience scaling an international company (or large division of
  • Substantial managerial and experience an international company) expertise and experience
  • Knowledge of, and experience
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • An M.B.A. or Master’s degree
  • Exceptional financial expertise and experience
  • Strong business planning, development, execution in procurement and with supply chains (preferred) expertise and experience expertise, and experience
  • Acceptance of diversity, compassion, EI & EQ, and a commitment
  • Comfortable working with a strong independent woman as equals


  • Experience in the environmental and retail fields is helpful
  • A full- or part-time advisor is a possible option.
  • Ability to work on equity until funded

Learn more about Planet Cens in this video.

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