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Chief Executive Officer | A&R Solar | Seattle, Washington

A&R Solar is a leading solar installer in the Pacific Northwest, bringing together passionate, talented people who want to do the right thing for our customers and the environment. With industry firsts like B-Corporation status, charitable solar programs, and our 10-year performance guarantee, we believe that investment in our staff and our communities is the new standard. Now, more than 15 years after first strapping up our boots in 2007, with nearly $30M in annual revenues and more 115 full-time employees, we’re very excited for this next phase in the development and maturation of our solar contracting business.


The CEO is responsible for developing, implementing, and continuing to improve upon the triple bottom line activities of the company. Additionally, the CEO is responsible for setting and communicating the vision, values, and culture of the company. The CEO identifies market risks and opportunities and ensures appropriate strategies are in place. The CEO is responsible for ensuring the company collaborates as a cohesive whole. Under the direction of the Board of Directors, the CEO is the principal leader in advancing A&R Solar to achieve its mission.


  • The CEO shall oversee the following business functions, including but not limited to their associated activities:
    • Leadership: work in concert with the Board, execute strategic vision and leadership in fulfillment of company’s mission
    • Sales & Marketing: prospect, lead, and referral acquisition, branding, collateralinbound and outbound sales, post-sales process
    • Business Development: grow long-term pipeline within policy, planning, and development partners
    • Finance: A/P, A/R, payroll, job costing, financial reporting, spending controls
    • Human Resources (HR): Policies and procedures, hiring and firing, employee reviews, compliance, benefits administration
    • Legal: Contract review, dispute resolution
  • Plan and execute the strategy of the company for entry to and ongoing competition in new & existing markets and business lines.
  • Identify internal and external problems and opportunities. Lead planning to address problems and opportunities.
  • Ensure consistent and accurate reporting of appropriate company performance to all employees, including board of directors, employee owners, department managers, and front-line team members.
  • Maintain A&R’s values, mission, and vision.
  • Understand local, regional, and federal policy and its impacts on the company.
  • Seek input from and engage employees at all levels to improve processes and increase employee satisfaction.
  • Collaborate with COO & high-level managers to ensure cohesive processes across company
  • Model values and ensure the company is executing true to corporate values.
  • Model and guide development of company culture.
  • Continue to improve personally and professionally through training and self-practice.

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