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Business Development Manager | Commercial SolarGuy | New Medford, MA

Business Development Manager

CSG Developers LLC dba CommercialSolarGuy has been lucky to gain internet exposure via online solar industry reporting at pv magazine USA, and prior at This leads towards a decent incoming business opportunities across multiple US state markets. Depending on the location, and project type, CommercialSolarGuy might consult the lead, develop a project, or even build as we also have a general contractors license in Massachusetts.

In order to bring these opportunities from an initial handshake/email/phone call to a happy customer, in whatever form, takes many steps.

The Business Development Manager (BMD) will first and foremost keep track of these leads, and the tasks associated with each opportunity. These tasks will be determined by a group analysis of the project. Some of the actions associated with each lead are repetitive – creation of a project folder, addition to the CRM, creation of account in various development tools, etc.

After the projects are entered into the system, there will then be two key additional responsibilities associated with projects.

The first will be to eventually gain a mental hold of what tasks need occur next among the many projects, and to make sure those responsible for them know about it. Specifically, the second business development member in the company (the owner), hopes this position will help keep them focused during their focus time on project tasks.

The second tasks associated with projects will be items assigned to the BDM. These types will vary based upon needs, and will be assigned only after other parties cannot do them – and if the BDM has the time available.

We do hope this individual has an electrical engineering background. In house, we’ve got a mechanical and civil engineer. An electrical would greatly fill out our skills, and would be very useful to the company’s broader needs.

Equal Pay, Flexible Schedule, 49%+ Work Remotely

Our company does care about social justice, and we’re seeking a woman college trained electrical engineer. As we’re young, with a budget, a recent graduate is preferred.

Base pay will grow to $72k before end of 2021, with a goal of getting it there sooner. As company get’s it feet commissions will be paid to all.



  • A detail oriented individual that is comfortable nudging coworkers back into focus, and working with them at times to change that focus to a more important, quick to move through the project task.
  • Ability to research local energy regulations to help determine project requirements. This means accessing long government created PDFs.
  • Google Chrome/Google Drive/Google Sheets/Google Docs/Google Chrome
  • WordPress
  • AutoCAD
  • Helioscope (basic)
  • Energy Toolbase (basic)
  • Very comfortable with extensive screen based work.


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