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Associate | MUUS Climate Partners | New York, New York

MUUS Climate Partners (MCP) is a leading investor in companies with extraordinary potential to  reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. MCP’s diverse and entrepreneurial team members have built  new ventures, advanced climate policy, and led corporate initiatives around decarbonization. The  team’s mission is to identify and support winning climate solutions in both software and hardware, and  is currently deploying its early-stage fund focused on companies at the cusp of commercialization:  when a company has either signed up its first customers or has credible line of sight to initial revenue.  The team’s investment thesis focused on the convergence of advanced technology (such as AI,  robotics, and nanotechnology) and decarbonization of energy, transportation, industry, buildings,  and agriculture. To date, MCP has invested in 31 companies across two funds.  

Job Description  

MUUS Climate Partners is excited to be recruiting an Associate to join the team. The Associate  will focus on deal sourcing, due diligence, execution, and portfolio company support, and reports  to Partner Ben Wolkon. It is our intention that we develop our Associates into future Principals.  Our flexible, hands-on approach provides daily opportunities for building and demonstrating ever increasing skills.  

This is nothing short of an extraordinary career opportunity for the right candidate. The new hire(s)  will enjoy the benefit of experienced colleagues, a recently announced Convergence Fund II,  access to a unique network, and almost limitless potential for growth; any successful candidate  would play a meaningful role in accelerating that growth.  


  • Support the team in the sourcing, due diligence and execution of climate tech deals  Prepare valuation analyses and models  
  • Prepare investment memos, to be presented to Investment Committee  Support investment team in negotiation and execution of deal documents  Support portfolio companies operationally as appropriate  
  • Conduct analyses of markets relevant to MUUS’ investments  
  • Prepare market analyses and presentations to drive investment decisions  Build a strong professional network with ecosystem players such as incubators,  accelerators, corporations, and co-investors  
  • Leverage and improve internal systems and processes to support the scaling of MUUS  Climate Partners  
  • Support capital formation processes, including preparing financial models, reporting, and  presentations

Please send resumes, cover letters, and other relevant materials to

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