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Aluminum Campaign Director | Climate Strategies Lab | Remote (US)

Climate Strategies Lab was built to support, cultivate and implement strategies that confront and dismantle the fossil fuel industry and support those working to build a more just and equitable world powered by clean energy. Our team ties high ambition to rigorously tested strategy, building on decades of experience running successful, inclusive, and multi-faceted coalition campaigns in the energy sector. We support the alignment of the climate community’s collective ambition by applying a disciplined, strategic focus that leverages outsized climate impact. We work with advocates, philanthropy, and climate-aligned governments and corporations who are working to solve the toughest climate problems.

Position Scope:

Climate Strategies Lab seeks an experienced campaigner to guide a new national initiative to decarbonize the aluminum industry as part of a broader effort to decarbonize heavy industry. The Campaign Director will support the success of a range of organizations, each working to transform the American aluminum industry into a model for zero-emission industrial activity, reshoring union jobs in the process and leveraging U.S. progress to decarbonize the global aluminum industry. Critical job functions include strategy generation, policy analysis, coalition development and support, and strategic campaigning.

The Campaign Director will draw on dedicated communications and analyst staff to help partners implement their aluminum strategies. With proven success, other industrial sector campaigns may be added to this position’s portfolio with commensurate resources and support.

Job duties and activities include but are not limited to:

  • Coalition Support: Recruit and build an aligned and powerful coalition around the vision of cleaning up industry, reshoring and growing good union jobs, and revitalizing manufacturing communities across the country. Provide facilitation and coalition management support to stakeholders working to decarbonize the aluminum industry.
  • Strategy Development: Work with partners to identify and implement new campaign strategies that accelerate decarbonization of the sector in line with the values we share with our partners, including a focus on good union jobs and a commitment to work with people where they’re at.
  • Policy support: Stay apprised of industry trends, policy developments, and technology innovations that will inform the trajectory of the campaign. Where appropriate, provide short briefs and analysis of these developments for partner organizations.
  • Organizational Support: Provide general support for, and collaborate with, the full CSL team. All CSL staff take on some responsibilities to help support the maturation of the organization.

Seasonal Activities:

Heavier seasonal workloads may occur as a result of project deadlines, staff absences and vacancies, and during peak activity periods. Weekend and/or evening work may be required.

Success in this position requires:

  • Strategy development: You can lead power and community mapping sessions; you know how to set goals, construct a theory of change, and articulate strategies needed to win; and you can break down a complex issue into manageable and clear decision points that drive the desired campaign outcome.
  • Strong project management skills: You can take a plan and implement it, relying on a broad team of organizations and staff along the way.
  • Campaigning experience: You can move from idea to victory. Whether or not you’ve “seen it all,” you’re a seasoned hand at the various obstacles that arise over the course of a campaign, and you supply optimism and resourcefulness when the going gets tough. You have a keen understanding of how organized movements create change and accomplish policy objectives.
  • Relationship building: You’ve got strong diplomatic skills and can build the trust-based relationships necessary for your stakeholders to buy in and share accountability for our collective work.
  • Initiative and ingenuity: You dive right in to take a concept from idea to implementation. You can navigate your way through or around internal and external barriers as they arise without getting stuck, finding and deploying resources creatively to solve problems.
  • Movement context: You show a strong understanding of the economic, social, and political forces that shape industrial production, consumption, and broader policy in the U.S.
  • A spirit of possibilities: You firmly believe that we can all do things we’ve never done before, and can stretch ourselves to achieve incredible results. You maintain an optimistic outlook and look for ways to make ideas work before assuming they won’t.

Desired knowledge, experience, and attitude:

  • 10 to 15 years of experience running and winning advocacy campaigns, including campaign strategy development, administrative and legislative policy advocacy, and coalition building.
  • Strong facilitation skills and a keen understanding of how power and privilege shape coalitions, meetings and decision-making processes.
  • A strong passion for solving the climate crisis.
  • Intermediate to advanced fluency on energy and environmental policies and issues, with at least a basic orientation to the major economic sectors driving emissions and a familiarity with the main policy tools that can reduce emissions. Aluminum or industrial expertise is not required, but a willingness and ability to learn the details is.
  • Demonstrated experience working across lines of race, class, and gender and an analysis of how climate change and energy-related issues intersect with race, class, gender, or other historically oppressed identities.
  • Demonstrated ability to prioritize and be flexible in a fast-paced, constantly evolving, and collaborative environment, where leading a team, working on a team, and working individually are all required.
  • Commitment to continuous learning, hunger for knowledge, and willingness to ask questions and self-correct.
  • An approach that is curious, self-directed, and entrepreneurial.
  • Openness to giving and receiving direct, compassionate feedback.

Salary and benefits:

The salary range for this position is $125,000 – $140,000, based on experience and qualifications as outlined above. Climate Strategies Lab offers a competitive set of benefits including comprehensive health care (including dental and vision), work from home stipend, access to 401k, and 11 holidays plus unlimited vacation.

Climate Strategies Lab is an equal opportunity employer. We believe that diversity in our team isn’t just a value, but brings different lived experience and perspective that is critical to solving the climate crisis. If you’ve read this job description and are excited by it, if you can see yourself happily filling this role and making a difference on climate change, we really hope you apply.

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