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Expert, Future Energy Markets | EDF Inc. Innovation Lab | Los Altos, CA

Achieving 100% clean electricity goals will fundamentally alter the electricity resource mix and markets with variable renewables playing a predominant role.

EDF Innovation Lab has been on the cutting edge of the research to understand the implications, and we want to help the industry, utilities, and regulatory bodies to be successful in this historic shift.

We are looking for a Senior Consultant with strong experience in electricity resource planning, market design, and experience in working with public agencies and grants to help us achieve this goal. 

Company and department overview:

EDF (Électricité de France) is a global, integrated energy company and the world’s largest electricity producer. With 140 GW of generation capacity across more than 30 countries, EDF generates over 650 TWh of electricity for 38 million customers, and 85% of that electricity has low or no carbon emissions. With 160,000 employees worldwide, EDF is active in the entire value chain of the electric industry, including R&D, project development, generation, trading, transmission, distribution, sales, and energy services. In the US, EDF’s operations include EDF Renewables, EDF Trading & Energy Services, Dalkia, EDF R&D, and several smaller business units. 

EDF R&D has 2,000 researchers and 8 labs, including three in France, EDF Innovation Lab in the US, and others globally. Their role is to provide R&D, innovation, and business development support to the EDF Group. This is done through the creation of partnerships and collaborations with leading research institutions and industries and the identification and development of innovative technologies and solutions. EDF Innovation Lab also introduces start-ups and emerging technologies to EDF Group’s business units with the goal of partnering and develop joint ventures. 

Summary of the position:

The electricity industry is currently undergoing profound changes, and renewable energy resources are playing a central role in this evolution. Across the US, more than 150 cities, ten counties, and seven states have already adopted 100% clean electricity goals, and utilities across the country are also pledging 100% clean energy supply. 

EDF Innovation Lab has been actively working in the areas of understanding the future energy mix evolution, challenges with electricity market design, and technical feasibility and the need for new products with a high share of variable renewables. EDF R&D has a comprehensive set of tools to study these areas, including performing production cost simulation analysis, modeling of market design and investment behavior, and analyzing grid stability and inertia needs. EDF Innovation Lab’s current work is sponsored by EDF Renewables to study the California market, where the State has adopted a goal to achieve a 100% clean energy supply by 2045. The team is exploring opportunities where such analysis could guide the policymakers, researchers, and resource planners, in other regions, to meet the 100% clean electricity goals cost-effectively. 

We are looking for support from a Senior Consultant to guide the team in strategically exploring new opportunities in these areas, providing guidance to work with public agencies in the US, seek grant opportunities, and strategic collaboration with other research labs and think tanks. 

Duties and responsibilities:

Specific duties and responsibilities include, among others: 

  • Identify public agencies and other venues providing research funding in the areas of future energy mix evolution, electricity market design, and technical feasibility of the grid. 
  • Identify collaboration opportunities with other research labs and think tanks. 
  • Guide the team in seeking grant opportunities. 
  • Take the lead in organizing EDF Innovation Lab response to relevant requests for proposals (RFPs), including organizing internal team to help in potential analyses for responses. 
  • Support the broader EDF Innovation Lab activities through analytical and written contributions, web content, and briefs.

Qualifications Education, skills, and experience:

  • MSc or Ph.D. in Energy, Engineering, or similar, with excellent knowledge of US power markets 
  • 10+ years of experience in renewable energy policy, consulting, sales engineering, or directly related field, with a technical understanding of electricity market design, U.S. renewable energy policy, and power system operations 
  • Strong knowledge of public funding and research grant opportunities available in the areas of resource mix evolution, electricity market design, and studying technical feasibility of the grid 
  • Proven track record of bringing together strategic partners and securing public-funded projects 
  • Knowledge of capacity expansion models (e.g., PROMOD, PLEXOS, or other equivalent approaches) is preferred 

Professional skills:

  • Ability to quickly identify the critical elements of the use case, understand the strengths of EDF R&D and bring together a diverse set of stakeholders 
  • Ability to structure and respond to RFPs with minimal supervision 
  • Ability to work in a multicultural environment 
  • Able to travel nationally and internationally, based on client and business needs 

How to apply:

Please send your Cover Letter and Resume to with ‘Senior Consultant, Future Energy Markets’ in the subject line. 

EDF Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified candidates will receive consideration for all positions without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran status, disability, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law. 

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