WCS EVENT: Lead Like a Woman Workshop | 12.10.19

December 10, 2019
San Ramon, CA

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With women leaders scoring higher on 360 evaluations than their male peers, women lead startups routinely deliver 12% higher revenues and 35% higher returns to investors. With ROI like this, there is much to be learned from the innate leadership perspectives women demonstrate. By developing a balance of both male and female styles, both men and women can use these traits to their advantage when situations warrant them, creating effective and efficient work environments.

Generally speaking, we learn to be leaders by watching others. Whether our examples were parents, teachers, team leads or managers most of us have modeled our own leadership styles after what we experienced.
However, with the vast majority of visible leaders still men, it can be common for women to pick up masculine behaviors as leadership skills. At the same time, some may not recognize their natural ways of managing are skills at all. When women focus, develop and hone leadership traits that are more in alignment with their natural inclinations, they can gain confidence in their leadership abilities and become more effective leaders for all genders.
In this workshop, learn the innate the leadership styles women tend to process, how both men and women can implement these leadership traits effectively, and what benefits gender-balanced leadership can bring to any organization.
You will learn:

  • Feminine leadership styles and traits
  • How to fold feminine leadership skills into your existing style
  • Benefits of gender diversity in corporate leadership

A special thank you to GE for sponsoring this event and subsiding the price of tickets.

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About the Speaker

From the newsroom to the boardroom, Lisa Ann Pinkerton has used her keen analytical skills to share cleantech stories with the world for nearly two decades. Most recently she was named a Women of Influence by the Silicon Valley Business Journal for 2017. Lisa Ann is founder and President of Technica Communications, founder and Chairwoman of Women In Cleantech & Sustainability, co-founder of the Global Cleantech Cluster Association, an international speaker and moderator and documentary filmmaker. Lisa Ann started her career as a broadcast journalist for nearly a decade. Her work has been broadcast on National Public Radio, PBS Television, NBC and other US news outlets. Lisa Ann holds the degrees Bachelor of Fine Art and Master of Art Management and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University.


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