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This position is located in Los Angeles County.

Job Description and Duties

Under the direction of the Program and Project Supervisor, the Associate Governmental Program Analyst (AGPA) performs a variety of important duties requiring independent action and initiative.  Duties must be performed at the highest degree of competence as there would be a high degree of impact on the division with the responsibilities listed below:

  • Evaluates the Low Income Program, discusses implementation of new procedures and policies, and Program Activities with the Residential Programs and Portfolio Approval Section.
  • Analyzes the Energy Efficiency and Low Income proceedings to inform the Board of any reports or developments that may impact Low Income communities.
  • Prepares quarterly Low Income Oversight Board (LIOB) full committee meetings, logistics, agendas, materials compilation and distribution by closely working with the Board, assigned Commissioners office, and senior energy division analyst.
  • Ensures follow up from LIOB quarterly full committee meetings, for example, arranging debrief with Commissioners office, identifying areas of need for increased coordination and collaboration, and developing options for addressing needs.
  • Attends and records all meetings, analyzes records, summarizes relevant issues, and prepares meeting minutes including action items.
  • Collaborates with and provides consultative services to the Section staff, Energy Division management, and others. For example, compiles, analyze, and present reports to the Residential Programs section, and researches and analyzes miscellaneous tasks related to the Energy Savings Assistance (ESA) and California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) programs.
  • Maintains invoices and Travel Expense Claims of the Board Members, forwards to the Energy Division Division Budget Control Officer for further processing; monitors and prepares periodic reports, tracks LIOB expenses.


Associate Governmental Program Analyst An Associate Governmental Program Analyst performs the more responsible, varied, and complex technical analytical staff services assignments such as program evaluation and planning; policy analysis and formulation; systems development; budgeting, planning, management, and personnel analysis; and continually provides consultative services to management or others. This is the full journey level analyst class. Incumbents are typically subject-matter generalists who have demonstrated possession of intellectual abilities, the management tools, and the personal qualifications to succeed in a variety of general staff services settings. Vacancies are anticipated at various departments throughout state service.


This examination consists of the following components: Training and Experience Evaluation – Weighted 100% of the final score. The examination will consists solely of a Training and Experience Evaluation. To obtain a position on the eligible list, a minimum score of 70% must be received. Applicants will receive their score upon completion of the Training and Experience Evaluation process. In addition to evaluating applicants’ relative knowledge, skills, and ability, as demonstrated by quality and breadth of education and/or experience, emphasis in each exam component will be measuring competitively, relative job demands, each applicant’s: Knowledge and Abilities Knowledge of: Principles, practices, and trends of public and business administration, management, and supportive staff services such as budgeting, personnel, and management analysis; government functions and organization; and methods and techniques of effective conference leadership. Ability to: Reason logically and creatively and utilize a variety of analytical techniques to resolve complex governmental and managerial problems; develop and evaluate alternatives; analyze data and present ideas and information effectively both orally and in writing; consult with and advise administrators or other interested parties on a wide variety of subject-matter areas; gain and maintain the confidence and cooperation of those contacted during the course of work; coordinate the work of others, act as a team or conference leader; and appear before legislative and other committees

Interested applicants will need to take the exam for Associate Governmental Program Analyst so they are eligible for the position, and also apply for the job.
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