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Position: Events, Marketing & Social Media Administrator

Needs to hire 1 Freelancer

Work is performed remote and will not be required to come into an office.

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Board Management
    • Maintain membership, volunteer, sponsorship, and board dashboards (track leads, ongoing communications, deadlines, and end dates)
    • Communicate with WCS members list with newsletter content, new jobs board postings, and other communications.
    • Provide administrative support for onboarding and offboarding board members and process board dues and reminders
  • Membership
    • Manage onboarding and offboarding of new members, including sending them welcome letters, adding them to email lists, managing their questions, sending renewal reminders.
  • Events
    • Build and update content for event sign up pages, including Eventbrite and Meetup pages
    • Add events to WCS Board and public calendars and maintain those event items as dates change
  • Marketing
    • Create Canva images for events, speakers, corporate members, and other promotion needs
    • Update website on a regular basis to promote WCS events, partnerships, news, videos, blogs, and job board postings
    • Upload videos and maintain YouTube Channel
    • Build weekly newsletters based on content provided and ensure review and edits are made on time
    • Create social media cheat sheet for Board and speakers and deliver to all stakeholders two weeks before the event
    • Update website and interact with webmaster as needed to update website
    • Moderate and conduct engagement on social channels, member groups & website
    • Create group and individual speaker canvas graphic and sample social media posts (CTAs)
    • Postevent CTA links on to slack channel for board members to follow up on

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