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 Position: Lead Software Engineer

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The Lead Software Engineer will be a leader of the Replate Engineering Team, working closely with the Product Manager to define and carry out short term and long term development projects. These efforts will include improvements and maintenance of the Replate website, donor dashboard, donor database, recipient database, and operations dashboard. The Lead Software Engineer will also oversee the design and implementation of new technology while working collaboratively with the Product Manager to lead the Software Engineering Team.

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About Replate

Replate is the new nonprofit. We live by giving, fulfilling our mission through the application of technology to solve two of the worlds hardest problems. We create technology that activates communities to redistribute surplus food to those who need it. We utilize a customer facing dashboard to make it easy for businesses to schedule pickups of their surplus food. The food is then picked up by our food rescuers and taken to nonprofits in the local community that feed people that are experiencing food insecurity. This is an opportunity to direct the technological course of a mission driven organization and immediately see the positive impact your projects have on your community and the world. Replate has created over 2 million meals to date.

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