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Position: Program Manager

Location: Oakland
Job Description:
East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) is a Community Choice Energy agency formed to serve 600,000 customer accounts across Alameda County with an annual load of over 6 TeraWattHours. EBCE is seeking candidates to join our growing agency and assume the following responsibilities as Program Manager. The Program Manager will support EBCE as follows: and evaluation criteria, coordinating with communications team for publication, evaluating proposals, and recommending awards. 

  • Develop and manage Program to deliver solar and storage options for critical facilities in Alameda County to provide resiliency and local power. 
  • Develop and facilitate partnerships across private, public, non-profit and research sectors for program development and execution. 
  • Work with local government partners to identify and catalog opportunities for DERs (Distributed Energy Resources) across Alameda County. 
  • Develop and execute requests for proposals (RFPs) including defining objectives 
  • Manage funder reporting including status reports and reimbursement requests in coordination with billing specialist and accountant
  • Document and disseminate program results to other local governments interested in replicating program successes through reports, presentations and conferences and meetings.
  • Develop metrics for program success and monitor activities to engage in continual improvement across all EBCE programs
  • Assist in developing strategies and program implementation for local energy programs including electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, storage, building electrification and renewables. Includes evaluating program options, developing justifications for proposed strategies, and soliciting and taking input from stakeholders to refine strategies.
  • Support program management including development of contracts, assessing vendor budget and timelines, evaluating effectiveness and quality of work, recommending remedial actions when needed. • Draft Board memos on program.
  • Develop timelines, manage deliverables and coordinate execution with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Track, assess and develop grant proposals.
  • Work with subject matter experts on best-practices, guides, and workshops as required.
  • Serve as public spokesperson at events including developing talking points, external materials, speaking at events.
  • Provide input to program budget and staffing plans.
  • Supervise and direct interns.
  • ​Perform other duties as assigned. 

To Apply: Please click the pdf attached below to view full job description and to apply. 

About East Bay Community Energy
East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) is the community choice aggregator serving Alameda County and eleven of its cities under a Joint Powers Agreement. Once EBCE reaches fullscale, it will serve 600,000 customer accounts and over 1.5 million Alameda County residents. Details regarding the composition and responsibilities of EBCE’s Board of Directors and Community Advisory Committee may be found online at: https://ebce.org/about/

EBCE’s charter is to provide its customers with low carbon, cost effective electricity that integrates innovative energy products and maximizes local benefits through the development of local solutions, ranging from increasing access to rooftop solar to supporting the adoption of electric vehicles.  

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