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Position: (Senior) Energy Analyst E-Mobility

Job Description
The position will be part of the EDF Innovation Lab, with the mission to lead various collaborative projects, with a strong focus on the future of mobility and its impact on electricity demand. As many countries are rolling out programs to electrify the transportation sector, EDF has positioned itself to become leader in providing charging infrastructure and low carbon electricity for EVs (electric cars and heavy-duty vehicles). The position will address various challenging aspects of electrification of the transportation sector, with a strong focus on flexibility. To this end, the position will be involved in the development of smart-charging approaches which combine EV charging optimization, energy bill reduction for the customer and grid-services provision. The position will also be involved in the development of “Smart Charging as a Service”-type business models for several US markets and specific segments (e.g. MUSH, C&I). Last but not least, the mission includes technology and market analysis, monitoring EV programs of US utilities, EV rate design, assessment of innovative solutions, data analysis and the development of prototypes for smart EV charging aggregations. The position will lead the e-mobility projects on behalf of EDF Innovation Lab, work with local partners, participates in efforts to obtain funding-, and collaboration opportunities and ensures the liaison with EDF R&D in France and EDF Group for this topic.

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