Smart Cities, Autonomous Vehicles and the Future of eMobility – Thursday, September 20, 2018

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Thursday, September 20, 2018 

654 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94105

Cities are growing—fast.
By 2030, according to the latest United Nations estimates, five billion people will live in cities, nearly half of them conducting their lives in homes, schools, workplaces and parks that do not yet exist.
Cities can easily be labeled as the fastest growing organism on the planet.
And cities produce up to 70 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions, use vast quantities of potable water, degrade water quality and produce mountains of waste. As people flock to the cities and new technology continues to develop, how can we focus innovation to improve our environment?
In a life that moves faster and faster, how can cities prepare for the onslaught? Our sci-fi vision of a world with driverless cars and completely interconnected “smart” cities is almost here now! And are AVs the best way to tackle the negative impact cities have on the environment?
The challenges ahead, are not easy: how is the heavy load of data from the self-driving vehicles going to flow immediately to impede accidents? What would the cities of today need to stay competitive with the new cities designed to handle the new technological and load challenge? Can we measure the impact it will have in the future?
These interesting challenges are being tackled by some of the most forward-thinking professionals of our time.
In our event, we will concentrate on exploring the issues happening now with autonomous vehicles and what is next up on deck.
Currently, only 56 cities worldwide have AV pilots. Meanwhile, 32 cities are undertaking long-range surveys of the regulatory, planning, and governance issues raised by AVs.
Our panel is composed of UrbanLogiq, Urban Innovation Fund, and San Jose Transportation Department top professionals who will share their insights on what smart cities are doing right and their 7-year look-ahead on the future of transportation:

  • Mark Masongsong – UrbanLogiq CEO
  • Jule Lein – Urban Innovation Fund Managing Partner
  • Jill North – San Jose Transportation Department Innovation Program Director
  • Moderator – Kelly Ratchinsky – UrbanLogiq, Technical Consultant

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